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The Orange Man
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist, Riley, Ajay and Luther Reporting



Mon, Jun 10, 11:24 AM (21 hours ago)

8:38 AM (7 minutes ago)

Well said sir! Huzzah! Jesus harborplace has only two stores left and is closing?


Shared from BBC News

Thu, Jun 6, 9:59 PM (5 days ago)


I thought this story about Human Endurance limits would be of interest to you. It's fascinating!


June 6: A walk across a beach in Normandy - American Digest

Thu, Jun 6, 9:04 PM (5 days ago)

A shame, but our rulers have the monopoly. The dying though is personal, and the monopoly forgotten and incontinent against the truth.

Trump’s state visit to England « Jim's Blog

Thu, Jun 6, 8:26 PM (5 days ago)

I must seem a Trump leg-humper mostly, but Jim captures him perfectly. It’s just that the aardvark tweeting has baffled the good whites so completely. We’ve built the high road to hell and will be missing scads of food soon, but the Orange Man will keep it up-beat as we wither.

Sent from Riley

daily timewaster: Just another day at the office

Jun 6, 2019, 7:01 PM (5 days ago)

Teutonic Fist

I really want to meet this man, but don't know if I'm willing to visit London to do it. -JL

A few weeks ago one of my regulars asked me "are you "teutonic fist?"

I said nothing. But how many people write about making explosives from piss on the first of april. Conspiratorial OpSec isn't exactly a talent that complies with your brutish nature it seems.

Anyway, now its summer time and I hang around in the park often drunk to enjoy the freakshow.

Today i saw an old man with crutches, possibly diabetic, wearing the most "bro" tier oakleys and he was vaping. Some turkish dog mommy was picking up behind her little shitrat, at least she did that, and then tying the bags full of dogshit around the string of her purse that it looked like how an musketeer from the 17th century would carry his shots of powder. I went to the butchers to get some breakfast and the guy was around my age and we had a talk cause no one was there so early about organ meat, i bought some cow kidney, and how the british upper class degenerated itself with their diet over the centuries and then he started talking about how the queen owns 60% of the worlds land mass and thats the point i had to snap out of it or i would go on ranting about other people.

Here is a picture from Trump's visit to the queen

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