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‘Why Do Muscle Guys Gas?’
Crackpot Mailbox: Dale Wants To Know about Ruiz over Joshua
“How come Anthony Joshua looks like he is in such good shape and then a fat guy not only beats him up, but hits faster, does more and doesn’t gas out?”
It’s like a Rocky movie…except WTF would the director do for a training montage? Pushing away the third box of doughnuts?
And how does a guy like that rest and unwind after a big fight? If he decompresses any more, he would devolve into an amoeba.
As Teddy Atlas said: “He set back the cause of physical fitness a thousand years”.
But Tony Galento gives him a thumbs-up from Valhalla.
Dear Mr. LaFond,
I nodded in agreement with your comments on the next us civil war, specifically the formidable bloc represented by Hispanics. I don't know whether you saw the fight, but i liked Ruiz' style in self-mocking his man-boobs and entering the fight as underdog.
Below is a nationalist perspective of the fight.
Joshua versus Klitschko
I predicted, while watching a replay of the Joshua Klitschko affair, the night of the Joshua Ruiz fight, that Joshua would have a short reign as champion. Wvlad did a great job, at 41, in reinventing himself as a slimmer, trimmer, perpetual motion fighter and the encounter was an even bout, with both men going down and getting up. The reason why Wvlad almost won instead of getting finished the first time he was hurt, is because Joshua gassed quick, which is his nature as an Adonis strong man. Joshua seems to have an almost superhuman work rate in training. But under pressure his training lapses and he reverts to being a strong man, uses his beautiful muscles and falls. Note that Wvlad trimmed himself down and very likely would have beaten his younger self. However, Joshua’s youth and vitality spiked those hopes in the end. Additionally, since Joshua and Wvlad had sparred a lot of rounds together, he was relaxed and only engaged his muscles in two close spots, one which let Wvlad off the hook and the other which got Anthony floored.
Joshua versus Ruiz
I picked Ruiz to win because he had a higher work rate, greater hand speed and is always relaxed, and because he’s a fat boy!
Yes, I wrote that. Read on, Ham Slice!
Ruiz lost a lot of fat to become the fighter he is, paring down his rotund frame. What is left, while still not pretty, is a frame used to bearing a lot more weight than it is now.
Joshua was worried about Ruiz’s hand speed in the interview. He had planned on being the more athletic of two muscle men, and then when his opponent was tested to have shot everything in the steroid bank into his veins, he now had to deal with a quick, fat boy who does not tire easily.
I had Ruiz as a 3 to 2 while the sportswriters had Joshua at 11-1.
Ask any football coach, when a linebacker bumps into a lineman, who gets tired, the linebacker. He’s a mesomorph, a muscle man, with lots of white muscle fibers which are big and run only off of clycogen, a sugar stored in them. When it’s gone it’s gone. Imagine a linebacker dealing with a lineman—a nose guard in Ruiz’s case—who is faster than him?
Ruiz is an endomorph, a fat boy, who gains muscle and fat and has a higher proportion of red muscle fibers that run on fatty acid, which Ruiz has enough of—provided his heart holds out—to punch all day. Punching is not a primarily muscular effort, but a momentum technique.
Also, Ruiz has the heart of the ugly and of the Mexican, where Joshua has the heart of the beautiful golden child of the Empire upon which the Sun Never Sets. He quit on his feet. Ruiz will win the rematch as long as he does not eat too many tamales and balloon up like Buster Douglas did between Tyson and Holyfield.
Neither of these guys would have hit Ali or been able to stand with Tyson or Foreman. Holyfield would have taken them apart over 7 rounds. Marciano would have eaten their hearts and Sonny Liston would have beaten them down like children.
Joshua is quite a specimen, but Tyson would have chopped him down like the other mechanical British man of color, Frank Bruno, the Ebony Adonis. British boxing fans have long had a fetish for beautifully built boxers of African ancestry and British nationality…
…Which brings me to the Dark Age-Civil War angle!
Yes, this is my ongoing project, culture war all the time, every day!
Dark Age
Joshua seems a fine man and held Wvlad’s hand up after his conquest of the elder champion who he vanquished—a good man, who comes off as culturally British. Although he has demonstrably amateur level boxing skills, the promoters saw in him a man that women would swoon over and that cucked ghost men would look at and say, “Yes, they are the master race and therefore I cannot box—it is their sport. Let me pay to witness his perfection.”
The many commentators fairly worshipped Joshua to the point where I half expected them to get on their knees and beg to suck his cock. It was quite disgusting to see these men drooling over this younger, apparently perfectly fit, man.
By contrast, they made fun of the fat American Ruiz, who identifies as a Mexican-American, not an American. Any coach could look at the training montages and see that Joshua was in for an ass whooping, but the Mulattophillic Symphony Phildiversica Orkhysteria played on in worship of our Fair Golden Prince, with crowds of near 100,000 Brits shown worshipping by smart phone light their mighty Lancelot.
This dude would have never hit Larry Holmes when he was 50!
But he looks like a God and, more importantly, he is a mixed-race African-European. Anthony Joshua was billed as the champion of the future for the Europe of the future. The most disgusting aspect of the promotion, considering what a standup, Anglo-acculturated fighter Joshua is, was that the promoters filmed a mini-documentary of him meeting his “American Counterpart,” an African-American rapper with at least double the African ancestry as Joshua—some potbellied, thirty-something, hip hop icon who couldn’t have carried the Man’s bucket.
The journey to America, to beat up a “fat American,” after American promoters pretended that the heavyweight division was not dominated by Eastern Europeans for 15 years, was a way of bringing back the heavyweight boxing crown to Media Plantation America, the clown world where “white” hipster faggots lisp in the background to the heroics of their “black” slave avatars. These toxic racial politics were extremely obvious as “white” European heavyweight champions and contenders have always been scorned by American media and finally, in the person of the mixed-race Joshua, the media masters had their man of the future poised to metaphorically conquer America to much pomp, only to run into a fat Mexican who happens to be American and who fought under the flag of his ancestors, not their one-time conquerors.
The victory of Ruiz over Joshua was a victory of cultural pride over international elitism, of working class over high class and of the hard reality of Barbarism over the sissy assumptions of Civilization.
American Fist: A Fighter’s View of Boxing
The Greatest Boxer: An Objective Ranking of the Top Boxers
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Bryce SharperJune 12, 2019 11:02 PM UTC

There's a definite homosexuality to how these mostly-white Western commentators fawn over their mandingo warrior. Boxing, to Mexican and Latin American fans, is mostly a matter-of-fact and tribal thing: tale of the tape, record and is there a Mexican to root for or not.
responds:June 15, 2019 7:25 PM UTC

It really sounded creepily like gay nightclub banter from my heterosexual perspective.

However, I never count out the value that promoters place on getting women interested in a sport—which is what happened to make MMA take off.
ShepJune 12, 2019 9:33 PM UTC