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State of the Slave Mind
Lynn and James Discuss the Driving American Need to be Owned

Slavery is a state of Mind

Sun, Jun 16, 3:14 PM (3 days ago)

This "HBUC" account is floating reparations ideas and so many people are choosing "perfect credit score." Because access to debt is the best thing! And do they think it means "perfect credit score for life?" Because it doesn't say that. That perfect score will last exactly one billing cycle.

Thank you for making the world a stranger place to those with open eyes.

-Lynn Lockhart

Reparations Thoughts from the Crackpot

a cynical man might look at 20 majority African American cities ruled by ebony women and ebon warriors, at affirmative action stacking African Americans in universities and government jobs over more qualified Asians and Caucasians, and the dominance of African American celebrities and art forms in the performing arts [with hip hop now the longest running dominant music form in American history] and see karmic reparations there, in those happily dark corners of society.

I have written 9 books and am working on 4 more debunking the founding mythology of Modern America, which was a process extending from the 1860s through the 1960s. However, suppose the lie were true?

After all, U.S. government learning institutions teach nothing but the lie in many locales. In Baltimore City, the only history typically taught to students is during February, in Black history month. With every academic source and all prominent ghost persons waxing guilty over this lie purveyed as a sacred truth, how could the children of American believe anything but the lie?

What is this lie?

That only people of African descent, across the vast span of human history, have ever been held in bondage and that they were held in this cruel servitude as a unique expression of European American evil. For 400 years every "white" man was a master and every "black" man a slave.

That is the substance of the lie imbibed by the idiot masses of American mind slaves. Since Americans of all races are born slaves, thirsting to be owned—preferably by those who lie to them—I think there should be reparations. Yes, exclusive African American slavery is a fantasy and did not exist. However, most Americans cannot accept any truth and must cleave to their delusional lies. So we might as well cleave to a lie with the potential to illustrate the truth.

I seriously suggest that immediate and total reparations be made in these United States. More than 300 million U.S. citizens believe the lie expressed in bold above. If they believe these things to be true than their should be multigenerational penalties for multigenerational crimes. Further more, reparations would expose America for what it is and I believe effect a single-generation cure for our national ills.

I absolutely endorse the following reparations:

Every "white" man who does not work shall be imprisoned and worked there or banished from the nation.

Every "white" man serving as an employee shall have 90% of his pay deposited in the account of a "black" person.

No "white" man is permitted to bear arms of any kind, in or out of military service.

All businesses incorporated in the U.S. and owned by "whites," Christian or non-Christian, must be turned over to a black woman.

"White" men will be barred from voting or holding office.

I think that the above reparations will fix America and the world in short order and absolutely endorse their implementation.

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