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Burglary suspect caught, had machete wound inflicted by boy

Tue, Jun 18, 7:30 AM (1 day ago)

Burglary suspect caught, had machete wound inflicted by boy

Autumnal Son

Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy - RaceBaitr

Mon, Jun 17, 10:33 PM (2 days ago)

It's going to be a fun few decades...

Pearl Harbor Unmasked, by J. Alfred Powell - The Unz Review

Mon, Jun 17, 10:26 PM (2 days ago)

Lynn Lockhart

‘Guats,’ ‘Tonks’ and ‘Subhuman Shit’: The Shocking Texts of a Border Patrol Agent

How an Arizona officer accused of hitting a migrant with his truck could put his agency’s toxic culture on trial


The civil war is hottest right now inside the government. There is some kind of law suit or criminal prosecution going on right now where text messages between Border Patrol Agents have been revealed. These guys are actually texting "I wish Trump would take off the leash!" BPD is largely Mexican American! They refer to the migrants as guats and tonks. "Tonk" is the sound a flashlight makes when it bounces off a migrant's head. I told you earlier about the wall on private property being forced to chain it open.

The blatant false flag attacks to justify war in Iran don't seem to be gaining any traction. What will it take? How far will they go? How much buy-in do they really need to go to war?

The events in South America are astounding, and I have a good explanation from my uncle. Heavy rains in southern Brazil and northern Argentina flooded two hydroelectric dams and the power plants had to be taken offline. Taking them offline triggered an automatic shutdown in the centralized grid, affecting Argentina, Uruguay, parts of Brazil, Paraguay. Chile was affected because they buy electricity from Argentina. I am incredibly impressed that they got everything back online within the day. There are still good people working in these places. My uncle said that if the previous Argentine president had been in power, Christina Kirchner, a socialist, they would be waiting until Mother's Day (October in Arg) to get it fixed. In Venezuela they had to have Russia come in with turbines to restore power. Imagine these competent men, people like Bob in Utah, working diligently for the citizens while apes burn everything else down around them. If Argentina is doing ok in this regard, I have to think we are too.

Mon, Jun 17, 11:52 AM (2 days ago)

Nice tweets from new twitter friend.

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