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Archaeological Soul
More thoughts on Early Christianity, Addendum to Sam vs the Council of Trent

I am so glad you brought us back to the Roman Army of Late Antiquity, the original crusaders of Christendom. A lot of what Catholicism became echoed the old pagan order, so fell afoul of the architects of the New Israel in These Goings Down of the Sun. The idea of Rome, all the way down to the Holy Roman Empire, which was none of those three things, was the bones upon which the flesh of early Christianity was hung...

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B.P. BollocksworthJune 21, 2019 12:13 AM UTC

My all time favorite crusader type episode is from the Byzantine-Sassanid war, where Emperor Herakleus got the church to melt down their gold and sliver so he could raise a host and drive into the heart of Persia to reclaim the True Cross. Everyone forgets about this because the Muslims come in and trash the world a decade after but still was a thrilling tale.
responds:June 22, 2019 4:51 PM UTC

What a savage war that was. There needs to be a movie.