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Nomad Combat Clinic
An Outline for Virtus Blanco’s Proposed Training Meet Up

A young fellow I have worked with recently in Maryland has proposed a combat clinic with 8 to 10 men somewhere in the bowels of the People’s Republic of Maryland. This is to occur in a week or two and will be the occasion for my return to Maryland, as I am going on the road as soon as this piece is posted. Virtus has suggested a six hour session, so I am posting this article as an outline for potential attendees he may direct to it.


-a bottle of water

-whatever clothes you feel comfortable in

-whatever training equipment you would like to use

-whatever blunt objects you would like to have me assess as weapons

-if half of you bring a magazine, that will give us enough for training.

If you want to video, that’s fine.

Don’t bring any sharp blades.


I will be with another coach, Erique, and as much as possible would like to break into two training sections in order to double your exposure to the material.

A fighter I coach, Nero the Pict, will be there as a sparring partner and gear wrangler.

Big Ron, a door man, might be able to show for an hour or so. If he does he will take pairs of you aside to practice “come alongs” and sucker punches he has used in this capacity.

Oliver, is a boxer/judoku who is training for an MMA fight. If he shows up he will take you aside in pairs and you can put on boxing gloves and try and punch him while he tries to clinch with you.

Training Sections

The sections will be unequal in length, with the extent of the material varying greatly.

-1. Review: gear, weapons, hammer fist, finger rake, finger jab, postures

Empty Hand Sets

-2. The Punch: [why we aren’t boxing] guarding, cross, shovel, goon surfing

-3. Countering the Punch: tuck, shrug, cock, roll, dip, space, cross-shovel counter, turn, press, underhook, overhook, clinching, shoulder butt, head butt

Break Before Weapon Sets

Organize into Two Teams, Each Team Going through sets 4 & 5 separately.

-4. Knife Fundamentals

-Knife Contact Drills with Erique & Nero:

-Unarmed defender versus knife attack

-Knife-armed defender versus unarmed approach

-Rolled magazine versus knife sparring

-Knife sparring

-5. Stick Fundamentals with James


-Extension weapon guards

-The power stroke

-The return stroke

-The passing stroke

-The parting stroke

-The beat stroke

-The roof block

-Shift stroke, backward

-Triangle combinations

-6. Stick Sparring

We should have enough gear for two rings. When you are on deck make sure and observe the sparring closely. Applying sparring observations to your own efforts is a crucial step in self-coaching.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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LouJune 20, 2019 10:38 AM UTC

Would love to see/hear highlights of all this somewhere. If you get one, ask your budding videographer to put up a BitChute or similar channel for the rest of us internet goons.
responds:June 22, 2019 4:52 PM UTC

Will ask, Lou, if someone will do this. Thanks for the interest.