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Self-Portrait of a Sick Society
The Text and Subtext of the Front Page of the Baltimore Sun, Tuesday, June 16, 2019

A mere glance at the front page of a weekday newspaper is all that is required for the politically colorblind to read the brail that divines the soul of a sissy society in two layered dimensions, the liberty lie and the slave truth.

-1. BSO, Musicians endure work halt

The great irony is that the full time relics of the song of an actively slain age are appealing to the very feral savages that have declared everything European evil for socialistic subsidies for their continued fiddling while this later day Rome rots…

-2. Network attack impacts tax bills

For a month now the internet attack by some hacker has kept Baltimore government on its knees. Now they can’t even collect bills from Baltimore County residents for water distribution…

-3. Call Her Chief

The soon to be swamped with exported Baltimore City violence Baltimore County Police Department now has a guilty ghost queen for police chief, committed to forge alliances with the criminal class and anti-suburban Federal agencies and NGOs, who are rapidly taking over the role of terrorizing the home buying population into selling before equity accrual or ownership spoils house flipping and subsidized rental schemes for the global elite…

-4. Judge dismisses cases due to deadline

Numerous cases against criminal cops have been thrown out due to the BPD investigators failing to file charges in a timely manner. Bad cop-bad cop has replaced the old good cop-bad cop shtick…

-5. Changing food stamp rules cause drop in sales

This social justice article decries the fact that the welfare elite will no longer be able to buy luxury food service, such as steamed crabs, cheese steak subs and lower grade fast food with department of agriculture dollars. These measures are intended to insure that more healthy food makes it to poor children instead of being used for party supplies for business owners who buy food stamp cards from junkie food stamp whores for 50 cents on the dollar while their children live on ramen noodles and chicken dogs. However, the article depicts this income redistribution from middle class to upper class using the poor as conduits, as a crime against poor children… The lie must be fed disfigured truths at every step of its slithering progress…

Maryland Summary

-6. Teacher charged

Another dick-hungry feminist slut is charged with the crime of debasing herself at the feet of one of her male students, teen males now often more masculine objects for female phallic worship than the neutered man-things populating the diminishing workspace of perverse America…

National Summary

-7. Iranian Nuclear Accord

A small third world nation surrounded by three nations invaded by the U.S. is being marked for death and Gollum-like resurrection by the New World Order and readers are tutored on why they should send their sons to murder women and children in this ancient nation…

-8. Democrats and Impeachment

Persecution of the obnoxious apostate who, alone among modern presidents, is attempting to implement his electoral mandate in the teeth of Deep Sate resistance holds up elite mob rule as a Christ-like sacrifice…

-9. Gloria Vanderbilt Dies

Any newspaper which touts the death of an elite ghost queen fashion designer as on par with a potentially nuclear war, must be the corrupt, mind-inseminating, social, sex organ of a diseased body diuretic.

What is not on the front page and effectively buried?

Four ebon warriors were gunned down by rivals, an occurrence which resulted in 2 deaths. But since those ebon deaths were not at ivory hands and could not be used to fan race war flames, they are downplayed.

Also, an African Immigrant, who has been an extreme runner in the Baltimore Area for some 30 years, and who was attacked by ebon youth in 2014, has suffered a more serious and persistent attack. This older, work-ethic athletic icon’s plight would be the lead local story for any paper honestly reporting for “the people” as his fate would be the fate of any citizen jogging down the street, to be attacked off hand for the crime of free expression. Free expression is the greatest crime against government systems, which tolerate only such top down group expression as political demonstrations riots and race-based looting.

The above sampling of ZOG mind control commands is quite enough to convince this reader that any violent civil strife occurring under current economic conditions [in other words, absent famine, economic depression or natural disaster] must serve the plutocracy which rules this husk of a lich-possessed nation from the moral abyss wherein they dwell.

Let the Weak Fall: A Guide to Urban Strife for the Misanthropic Man

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