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Red’s Perspective
A Dark Age Protagonist Monologue

I’m a dinosaur. I have my own practice—not an employee of a healthcare corporation. People in my profession all think I’m insane for choosing the path of integrity of accountability. I hardly get to keep anything I make and Bernie [Sanders] wants 70% of that! Fuck him. I’ll fight over that. At the very least I’d give up medicine, downsize and give guitar lessons.

Most people are sheep with binocular vision [makes box with hands around his eyes] and have no context for the information they have. In medical terms, most people are like the well-informed patient who knows just enough to be dangerous because she lacks context and perspective.

I usually train at home. But once I went to this gym that was close to work. I was training for a race and was working intervals. I’ve been involved with running sports most of my life and most people have no clue what’s involved. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people put down marathon runners for just jogging. The fact is, that the average marathon runner—the average Joe—runs every 100 yards of that race faster than the average man can run a hundred yards. It just doesn’t compute; people are just so fucking stupid! They really are sheep.

So, I’m at this gym working my ass off. The people there are all looking at me like I’m crazy. I’m doing 25 intervals at my anaerobic threshold. I’m doing more work than everyone there combined. This trainer comes over to me and keeps telling me that running is not the way to get in shape, that you have to do high intensity training. He seemed like a decent guy so I let him jaw while I ran my intervals. So I eventually finish, wipe down the station—because that’s the responsible thing to do—and I have a little talk with him and I tell him, I’ve got a masters in exercise physiology, certified in this and that and I ask him where he got his information from. He brings me these books and one of them is more of a pamphlet, a nine page foldout, essentially a guide for physical trainers and he says he particularly likes that one, that it’s simple, straight ahead, easy to read.

So I tell him, “Why thank you,” and pointed to the author credit and said, “I’m really glad you liked it. But I think you’ve over looked a few things, so I’m going to mark off some sections I want you to re-read and the next time I see you you can tell me what you think then.”

He was a very nice guy who meant well but lacked perspective and when I saw him again he thanked me and told me that he got it—he just needed some help with a few points to get it all to click. So no wonder most of the human race are idiots, because the information they are being fed is delivered in a manner intended to mislead. That pamphlet was intended to inform, yet read by a person who is subject to so much social distortion in terms of how they are supposed to process the information they receive, it can be easily misunderstood. Of course, I was able to help him gain a more functional understanding of the subject. But imagine if this information is presented in a deceitful way, by people absent good intentions with an agenda to twist the truth?

That is why martial arts have been the key to my development as a human being. When you get out there and fight all the bullshit goes out the window. As a truth seeker combat has been the most useful filter imaginable and viewing the world from the warrior perspective gives context. This is why I like the sheep, wolf and sheep dog model of human interaction. It helps me deal with the fact that other martial artists—like these BJJ guys who believe that BJJ has the answer for every combat eventuality…they’ve literally replaced the karate guys who thought they could catch bullets between their teeth—hate me for seeking the truth, that other doctors hate me for remaining true to my oath. The thing about being a sheep dog is that the sheep and the wolves both hate you.

Politically, I could care less about the social stuff. You want to be a woman? Well, I think that’s messed up, but God love you and good luck. Should I have to pay for it? No way. I’m on the libertarian spectrum, really don’t care what consenting adults do to each other. I just want to be left alone. But the Left won’t leave me alone. They won’t stop until they have nine in ten dollars of mine. Most importantly, as a truth seeker, I cannot even waste my time speaking to a leftist, because they do not believe in freedom of speech. They want to shut me up, shut you up and have us all looking into their little conceptual box. They want to shut down the search for truth and impose their lies—they want us all to be the sheep.

Not me. There may come a time, not too far off, when they try to take what little I have left by force. If so, so be it. In the big picture, I just don’t see the typical American, cry-baby liberal having the stomach for Civil War.

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