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‘Living While Black’
New Laws Could Outlaw Racially Motivated 911 Calls, by Jaweed Kaleem, Baltimore Sun, 5/28/19

Two years ago in Philadelphia, 2 non-Caucasian men, who were not customers at Starbucks, but loitering, were asked to leave, a race crime which has activists calling for the removal of the Caucasian manager who asked the loiterers to leave.

Two weeks ago, in a Manhattan McDonalds, I was asked to leave by a Caucasian security guard for loitering, while a couple of color, who were already loitering when I entered and made a purchase [which I had finished consuming when asked to leave] were left alone.

Under an ordinance in Portland Oregon, calling 911 in response to the actions [real or misperceived] of a person of color, leaves the caller open to a suit in small claims court. Also in Portland, a Caucasian who killed an African American attacker was sent away for life on a hate crime charge—echoing the Code of Hammurabi, which rated some lives as more valuable than others.

Likewise, in Grand Rapids Michigan, callers will face a $500 fine for calling on a person of color but not if they raise a false alarm about a ghost person.

These laws are in addition to laws in place for filing false reports, making people of color racial elites in areas with such legislation. There is no other possible rational interpretation.

I have had police called on me by people of oppressed pigment for the crime of not submitting to their attacks, and the police upheld their rights to me and mine through threats of force against me.

I am of the opinion that until racial legislation excusing people of color from suspicion of aggression based solely on their race, becomes widespread, that the idiot ghost cattle of this feedlot of souls will not, in any significant numbers, wake up to the fact that they have been targeted by the government, for criminal and government aggression.

The removal of bullet proof glass from Korean businesses which serve African American customers in Philadelphia, is one such municipal regulation that reminds this reader that the tax-consuming class of postmodern America holds privileges nearly identical to the tax-consuming class of medieval Europe [the Christian knight, who was free to rape and pillage and lived off of welfare and enjoyed church sanctuary] and that the postmodern taxpaying population of America has similar burdens to the medieval serf, who did not enjoy church [read media in postmodern terms] sanctuary and was subject to the very same 1/3 tax burden. Furthermore, the medieval serf, like the postmodern citizen, was forbidden to go about their day armed for self-protection.

The above facts give this reader hope that reality is beginning to edge closer to the forefront of social discourse as the insipid lies of the media and academia—such as equality before the law, equal opportunity [affirmative action being the opposite]—and liberty for all retire into the dark corners of the mind were such outrageous notions belong.

I, for one, am glad that I am not permitted the racial privileges that made my father and grandfathers the moral weaklings that they were, simpering in their debt-rented hovels with full knowledge that they were not permitted to protect their families by any means other than by a phone call to the blue-uniformed goons dedicated to policing their racial enemies. Today, as ebony on ivory crimes of violence outpace ivory on ebony crimes by 25-1 to 40-1,that a person who makes the very rational calculation that this ebony person walking up to them is roughly 30-times more likely to attack them than a person of their own race, is to be subject to special social sanction is, in my view, endlessly good, as it will encourage males of the rotten, pallid, sissy race slouching towards our richly-deserved oblivion to either declare themselves cattle and settle the question or declare themselves men and behave like men, leaving the PIGS in their barracks instead of summoning them to defend against a people long ago conquered by the greater angels of our kind—when palefaces were not mice, but MEN.

Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious

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