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Dear Khan
Crackpot Mailbox: Babe Katrina Wants to Know Why Mom Gets More Attention

Dear Khan,

Why does my mother get more attention from men than me? We look alike, have similar body types, though I am much taller than she. Today at the grocery store a nice older gentleman, who turned out to be five years younger than Mom, cornered us for ten minutes between the bell peppers and peaches. He repeatedly exclaimed that we must be sisters. Each time he did, I grinned and unsubtly elbowed Mom. I harbor no resentment, I am happy she gets attention. She is a natural flirt and I am not, can men sense this before they approach?



Middle aged mom, not on the market anyway

The Khan is Out to Plunder

Unable to drink heavily as of late, I have been unable to channel The Khan, My Dear distaff reader. So I must work with him as inspiration only, trying to recall the intellectual content of our dusk to dawn drinking bouts...

-1. You are pleasingly tall. The Khan would select you to breed bigger warriors. However, in this sissy age, your "shorty" mawmaws will be less intimidating to the male chaff.

-2. According to the few men—and they number four—who have had sex with a mother and her daughter, experience seems to count for a lot and that older women of charming aspect—when truly charming as internal people—gain lovely wiles that make them more than their daughter's equal in companionship. The one man who bedded mother, daughter and grandmother in the same weekend declared the grandmother to be superior.

-3. Noting that you are both attractive ghost women, I am reminded that in an age when a race commits suicide women beyond child-bearing age grow more appealing to the shiftless weaklings who seek companionship in the twilight of their kind.

-4. For the man seeking mere pleasing conversation, speaking with the mother rather than the daughter might be a choice selected to deflect suspicion that he might be looking for sex. I have done this before.

-5. Older people of both sexes, who have not permitted life to beat them down, are simply more approachable than those in their prime who bear the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Katrina, your mother seems the likely dryad and you a picture of Athena, so men of good taste would like to leave the two of you with a good impression and those who are lonely might simply hope that your mother has developed the patience to tolerate their company.

Thanks for the query. According to facebook and you tube analytics you are among the elite troupe of 8 female patrons whose attention my work enjoys. Thank you.

On Bitches

Your Trojan Whorse

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KmanJuly 3, 2019 8:37 AM UTC

I'm credited by my friends as having coined the term "Mdilf" as in Mother Daughter I'd like to——(pronounced Em dilf). I can say from experience that many daughter are far more attractive but it's simply off limits for a man my age to approach them, so why not concentrate on mom? Flattering her by comparing her to her nubile daughter is simply game, although in some respects mom's can be much sexier! I've bedded a mother-daughter but both times years apart.
responds:July 3, 2019 12:02 PM UTC

Congrats, Sir.

Since Roosh is now holy rolling perhaps there is a nice for you in publishing.