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WAR is my God
Crackpot Podcast 057

Hello friends, I hope you are ready for another episode of the Crackpot Podcast! In this episode, we bring you misogyny, Civil War II, incredulity, laughter, but no tears (sorry, will try harder next time!).

The Crackpot Podcast features James LaFond, the most prolific living writer, and Lynn Lockhart, his stalker.

Many thanks to Citizen Noise Exchange for the new music. Check out their soundcloud:

Time stamps

0:02:00 KMG interview

0:03:00 The Greatest Lie Sold, review from Charles Steiner

0:07:15 Boy used a machete

0:10:30 Katie McHugh

0:17:05 Role for women on the right, human nature on the left vs. the right

0:28:00 Gun thots, advice to women

0:35:10 Civil War II, Uncivil War Warning Shot

0:50:50 Civil War inside the government

1:01:45 South American blackout

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