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An Unmade Bed
An Electrician Tells of his Trade and his Housekeeping

Okay, the top anchor is pulled away. That’s an electrician’s job. The brackets have pulled away from the top. They drill into the mortar instead of the brick because it’s easier and it gives way. I could go down into the city to those row houses and every other one would look like this. This is a dual line, you and your neighbor share this line and it’s perfectly safe right now. I used to fix these by myself all the time but this is a deck, and to use a ladder on a deck or to get onto a sub roof like that house five doors down, is considered hazardous and one man is not allowed to do it. It’s against the law for me to have you hold the ladder. You see the neutral? That’s the bare wire without the insulation. That is intact. If that goes you will get fluctuation and it will burn up your appliances inside the house. I’ll write this up as a non-emergency and you’ll get two guys out here in two or three days. They will knock on the door and try and make contact but if they don’t they’ll just go around and take care of it. They might put you out and you might have to reset your clocks...

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