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Being the Cream in the Post-National America Dysgendered Sandwich Cookie

At an upscale American park a woman recently relayed the following impression of her July 3rd afternoon:

“There is a dad at the park going through the trash to give his 3 kids toys to play with such as empty water bottles. The only white American family here—I am aghast. He said, “The only toys here are in the garbage. Do you want a water bottle?” to his two-year-old boy. He has a Pringles can. He had the kids wash hands before giving them snacks. He is looking after his kids really well.”

Societal ugliness viewed through the eyes of a biological beauty, is too much for this whore of a writer to pass up relating and collating.

America is finally getting back to its roots, the roots of Plantation America, where European elites used non-European warriors to keep their own paleface slaves in line and also used African slaves to displace freed European slaves. The only avenue resembling liberty left to these freed European slaves was to battle their Plantation guards, the Indian slave-hunters, very often on behalf of their former slave masters. The class structure of “white” Plantation America was Anglo-Saxon over Gaelic and also over the bulk of Anglo-Saxons, who were unfree. An exceptional president, Scotts-Irish Andrew Jackson, led a reactionary movement against the Anglo Elite-Indian alliance over the poor whites and faced off against international banking, a sin for which he will soon be removed from the 20-dollar bill.

The “white” underclass would thereafter spend 130 years expanding the rule of the Anglo-elite international banking structure through the slaughter of other races and then ultimately the slaughter of other races of European Descent.

Just after this period another non-Anglo president was elected, JFK, and was promptly murdered by the Anglo-Elite. The next non-Anglo president, Barack Obama, was selected to globalize America, to dissolve its false sense of nationality in a very formal manner, and he did his masters’ bidding with a stale elegance. It is time for American palefaces at the End of Caucasian Time to realize that America was the birthplace of the idea of the “Whiteman” as a post-Christian mercantile race of European origin. The only purpose of the “Whiteman” this lethal golem of lax distinction, was to end ethno-nationalism and impose supra-national banking as the overarching ideology of humanity. Once achieved, this beast, having slain more enemies for its soulless masters over a mere 200 years than all other warrior societies across the vast span of human history, must be placed in a moral cage and reduced to infamy.

For those few palefaces who have survived the predetermined age of their extinction with their third eye open, the only way forward with agency is with clear knowledge that the system no longer has a use for them other than as war-puppets or self-hating ideologues.

Are you a self-hating ideologue or a war-puppet, a hipster ghost person or a ZOG man-hunter?

If not, where do you stand in the sights of the vile machine that used your forefathers and is discarding you?

The tells are simple.

If people hate you because of what you do, than you have system sanction, sanction that is always limited. Such people as business managers, police, BLM and Antifa terrorists and also criminals of non-European ethnicities are hated by others for what they do—not what they are or what they believe—and protected by government in the main and only occasionally scapegoated, as documented in my dozens of Harm City books.

If people hate you because of what you think and believe, than the system sees you as the enemy and the mind-fucked antibodies of orthodoxy will seek to purge you from the body economic in rabid wise, just as their ideological puritan ancestors, Increase and Cotton Mather purged witches in Salem and burned Heathens alive in their time, a mere generation before their idea of Christian gave way to our idea of the Whiteman.

Not coincidentally, the End of Caucasian Time, this age when nothing says evil and inequity like “Whiteman” is also The End of Masculine Time, as the races that have shown more masculine agency by conquering more nations outside of their ethnic sphere on behalf of their Supra-National puppeteers, must be neutered and reduced in number and moral stature lest they turn on their masters like the Roman legions, Mamelukes, Janissaries and other warrior slaves of past ages have turned upon past masters in a last ditch bid for human action in the face of systemic reduction.

I am rejoicing on this birthday of the identity-erasing machine that enslaved, slew, twisted and corrupted my forefathers, because when something great and evil dies there in its death throes hope lies.

Under the God of Things

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Bryce SharperJuly 7, 2019 6:42 PM UTC


You might be interested in Steve Sailer's "America's Half-Blood Prince." Sailer once described Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Obama Soetero, as "a woman who looks like she was named Stanley Ann." It's amazing she found a man willing to use her see you next tuesday for any purpose.
MRTJuly 5, 2019 11:57 AM UTC

And nobody mentions Obamas blackness comes from east Africa and has nothing to do with American blacks and Slavery in plantation America. So , African Americans got duped by an imposter.
responds:July 8, 2019 2:56 PM UTC

The Lie is a wonderful thing.
LynnJuly 4, 2019 7:20 PM UTC

Obama non-Anglo? More like supra-Anglo, more Northern Euro blood than me or my blond children. His mom was out there colonizing brown communities with her see you next Tuesday, he was raised by wealthy white grandparents, went to prep school in Hawaii. The eternal Anglo's attempt to transcend culture and genetics in the service of globalism.
responds:July 5, 2019 9:21 AM UTC

He was billed as African America. Most believe that it his identity. He claims that is his identity. Under the Lie perception is all that matters.