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The Shanking Video
Saturday April 19th 2014
Charles, Craig, Cory and Erique fought for nearly 3 hours in a round-robin quadruple-elimination weapons event.
Fighters fought each round according to seniority, with Charles, the senior fighter, leading off. Each fighter began a round with 4 points. When he submitted, the fighter lost a point and went to the bottom of the order. The round continued until only one fighter remained with points. This is the first time we tried this since 2001.
Round 1 was sharkee knife, with Craig retaining a single point, having lost two toes to big Cory Bracken intentionally stomping on his foot
Round 2 was double sharkee knife with Charles retaining a single point
Round 3 was rattan dagger & shield with Charles retaining a single point
Round 4 was rattan toothpick with Charles retaining 2 points
The fighters than engaged in a series of non-scoring submission stick-fights to raise money for our host school.
Round 5 was rudius & shield with Craig retaining 2 points, and winning the prize gladius.
Of the 16 points each fighter began with the standings were:
Charles 4
Craig 3
Cory 0 [and two trophy toes]
Erique 0
Charles won the Balkan mail cleaver that I put up as a prize.
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DKApril 28, 2014 11:59 PM UTC

You guys look good and move well, nice job!
responds:April 29, 2014 9:56 AM UTC

Thanks Damien.

Do not forget that November 2nd will be 'No Agon For Old Men', with the two oldest guys fighting the rest in tag-team stick fights. The last time I checked you were nearing my side of the Mountains of Decrepitude. Do you want to be the other old man? I could use someone with a ground game on my side. Doc Lumsden is still putting drunk drivers back together at the ER and we can't have him breaking his hands.
Adam SwinderApril 28, 2014 9:03 AM UTC

Those new mats look absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to bring my fighters up.
responds:April 28, 2014 2:54 PM UTC

We can't wait to have you Adam.