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She The People
Crackpot Mailbox: Jesse James Bowie, Bob, Stevadore, Banjo and Ajay Reporting


Dear Master—how's the eye?

That's right—it a bitch when you gotta write your own script!

I'm on a roll at the Mohegan Sun—see your cracker ass when River Luck runs dry!

The wages of the master are steep indeed.


Looks like I'll be Irish rich for the first week of the month again! Thank you my 17 patrons!

Woohoo - you just got paid!

$268.72 was just sent out to you from Patreon covering earnings up to July 5, 2019 You will notice that $268.72 has been deducted from your pending earnings to reflect this payment. You can view your account here.

Congrats again and thank you from all of us at Patreon.


Mah massa' gibs me the day off ta celebrate independence. Backs to dah plantation aftas dat. Have a good Independence Day, James! I'm going to ride my bike around and listen to hipsters scoff about colonialism while things explode.

Boy, you best get your Irish ass back ta work!


Hey, Daddy!

Happy 4th. I'm glad you are the crème in my American life.

I hope you are having a good time wherever you are.

Your Cinnamon Girl.


Post-National America Dysgendered Sandwich Cookie

5:20 AM (4 hours ago)

dear mr.lafond,

for those interested in a different twist to the jfk hit, i recommend final judgment, by michael collins piper. his work is primarily on who commissioned the assassination, less about the material executors of same. the author was rewarded with ignominy during his life as befits a man of integrity and valor.



Jesse James Bowie

More joy of diversity

Wed, Jul 3, 3:21 AM (2 days ago)

Female BJP Leader Abusing Muslim Women In FB Posts, Expelled -

She also shared a press statement dated June 27 saying Chandraprabha Pandey, the district chief of the BJP’s Mahila Morcha, sacked Gaur for “anti-party activities”.It also noted that Gaur is a repeat offender as she has been repeatedly posting hateful content around Muslims on social media. The prime minister and chief minister believe in “sabka saath, sabka vikas,” the press release ...

Letters from the Fall; Civilization Decomposes

Paperback – April 18, 2019 by James LaFond & Jesse James Bowie

Letters from the Fall is a guide to the pitfalls of living and owning real estate in suburbia in our age of social decay. It provides a fitting preface to Civilization Decomposes, a compendium of evidence in support of the title, and resources to cope with the hyper-violent future that may be closer than most anyone realizes. If you ever wished you had a list of recent news items related to migration and violence, this book is the answer to your wish. Both authors provide good-faith advice and resources for those interested in developing their ability to survive in the uncertain but assuredly brutal times to come. James LaFond is a self-defense expert, providing guidance in practicing situational awareness in urban settings, boxing and fighting with weapons other than firearms. Jesse James Bowie is a recluse based in the West Texas Hills, watching his predictions come true from his off-grid bunker.

Myth of the 20th Century

We also have a new and fairly popular writing site for various dissident authors if you wanted to put out anything there:

-Adam Smith of Myth of the 20th Century

Five Guns West

Ron West

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Nice Day for a Funeral

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