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Zombie Occupation Government Explained: An Apology for an Acronymous Misunderstanding

Han Silo recently texted me the following:

Thanks, James.


In other news, I noticed the expression "ZOG" on your main site a few times recently. I thought that was a Third Rail not to be touched. Which is damned sensible, even if I am bad at not sticking my finger out myself. Along those lines, I just thought of a T-shirt design.

5,999,999 = Hate Crime

5,999,999+1 = Not Hate Crime

Wonder how long it would take to get arrested, or otherwise unpersonned, for wearing such a shirt.

Take care yourself!


After reading in his email his concern that I had abandoned my verbally stated policy of not addressing the “JQ” as a subject that could only get me in trouble, I considered my use of the acronym ZOG, for Zombie Occupation Government and googled the term and found out that in my mania for the catchy title or moniker I had crossed an assumption too far, like some British para battalion.

It turns out that ZOG is commonly thought to mean Zionist Occupation Government by most everybody but me. Heck, I thought I had invented something really cool and was instead misusing something unforgivably cruel. For Zionist Christians, while kooks that seek a battle with a million man Asiatic horde in the Near East to fulfill some ancient Greek pedophile’s prophecy, are clearly insane and I have no desire to make fun of the lunatic minds suffering in ongoing damnation.

Even worse, what if my Jewish friends, my Jewish coach, my Jewish fighter of 14 years, my 7 former Jewish employers, former Jewish girl friend who I hurt quite enough by channeling The Khan—who might could be a Khazar—and that oversexed Jewess I met at Mothers Bar on Hanover Street in 2003 on a drunken Saturday night only to step on her cat as I snuck out of her apartment, thought I was agreeing with men who have tried to kill me for hiring blacks that the U.S government is an Israeli sock puppet, what would they think?

That is why I am placing this ZOG article and a tag on the site, which I will link to every time I post a piece referencing the Zombie Occupation Government. You see, the way I understand American governance is this: the evil ciphers who operate America as an enforcement arm of a global baking-pharmaceutical cartel have used drugs, media and mandatory public schooling to turn 95 out of 100 of us into moral zombies—meaning that our cities, suburbs, towns, work places and online spaces are occupied by zombies, thus Zombie Occupation Government, or ZOG. I invented it and have no intention of letting some meanies filled with hate for the cat woman on Hanover Street with the big ass and itty bitty perky titties appropriate my acronym!

Thanks for the heads up, Han.

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