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‘Let Me Tell Ya’
A Phone Call from a Harm City Cop on Assignment

Hey, James, I hope you are doing well. I’m outside a bank robbery. My partner is takin' care of it. Anyone can be a bank robber now; bring in a note sayin’ you have a bomb or a gun and your good unless they don’t believe you. Sometimes they don’t believe you. My partner is takin’ care of it. Oh, here he comes. We have to roll—talk to you later…
[2 hours later]
…Okay, so we have this guy, a real bad felon, lots of robberies and assaults, firearms violations, what-have-you—and they keep turning him loose. Let me tell you, the fix is in, this ‘as got to be for a reason! Shit like this doesn’t happen for nothin’. Normally, when we get a guy that keeps getting turned loose, it’s a young guy, late teens, with a record a couple pages long, done a bunch of bad shit but they’re giving him a chance to change before he gets thrown away. But this is a guy in his late twenties with a lot of real bad shit on ‘is record—a real bad felon. There has to be a reason why they keep putting the most violent guys back on the street.
[author asks about the 100-plus “trigger pullers” a Baltimore homicide detective declared were known to be at large on the streets of Baltimore in 2017]
Okay, this is all related to drugs in one way or another and only one-out-of-twenty murders are interracial. This is all about people killing their own. Violence is a part of it, whether it be for robberies or settling territorial disputes. If we arrest a guy for robbery, it’s not his first robbery, not his second, not even his third, and he has probably killed someone because that goes with the territory. So these bad actors, these killers, they’re killing guys every year, and half the time they might be behind bars for some minor offense and that might prevent a killing.
When the democratic administration of the city decides they want to turn these guys loose, it’s for a reason. They know it’s going to kick up the body count and cost lives. The important thing is it makes us [police] look bad, like we can’t do our job, so that the politicians will get you to pay for more police and then eventually the Federal police will take over because we’re overwhelmed when in fact we have our hands tied and judges are letting the most violent killers out almost as soon as we lock them up. Eventually they maybe kill someone and get picked up for that and they get thrown away, but that’s rare. People who run the government do not decide to put known shooters on the street as soon as possible for no reason—like I said, the fix is in.
What I think it’s about is federal policing. People tell me they feel sorry for me having to deal with this terrorism and shit and my response is, “No, I feel sorry for you. I have a vest and a gun and you don’t. How many times do they go after cops—hardly ever?”
If I have to put a man down in the line of duty, it’s the third degree. Any municipal cop who takes a life is in deep, deep shit. But I’ve seen federal police shootings and there is never any fuss. If a federal cop shoots you—probably with the exception of that poor sap at Ruby Ridge whose wife and son they murdered—it’s a closed case and you will not hear about it in the media. I’ve seen that, I know it to have happened.
Look, if you are running things and you need a bunch of Texans killed, you don’t want to have to call in Texans to do it. You don’t want the mayor dragging his feet—or God forbid the Governor declining to go after his own people. You want to be able to call in motherfuckers from New York who don’t give a shit about shooting Texans. This is about one Federal police presence so you don’t have to worry about a sheriff making common cause with the locals.
I see this as related to the attack on men, the demonization of the Whiteman. Look, white men are the bad guys now, everybody hates them for everything. But they’re just the first to be singled out. Eventually all men will be treated like White men are treated now. It’s already happening. Look at what they are doing to Jason Mamoa, who is like 60-70% white. He makes a comment about how cool it is to play a barbarian raping a princess in a movie—you see him railing that girl from behind in Game of Thrones—and they photo shop him touching his daughter inappropriately, make up some shit about her scolding him and now he is apologizing. From here on out, being noticeably part white will be enough to get you targeted for public emasculation.
Ultimately men are the enemies of the system and they are coming for us all. For now, I’ve got to put up with the black clique in the Department coming for me and backing down like bitches. But at least my partner is not black so I can still work, still try to get some of these felons off the street before they get turned loose.
-Tarzan of the Bungle
Note that this man is a mixed-race alpha-male.
Baltimore City Murder Bowl Score as of 7/13/2019 is:
Total- 173
Racial and gender breakdown is now unavailable
For July:
Men: 12
Women: 3
Blacks: 5
Mystery meat: 9 [What the fuck? Have they been hit with flame throwers?]
Hispanic: 1
Whites: not Yeti season [opens in late September]
In the face of drastically changing murder patterns, by race and means, these categories are being obscured, with the Trump-predicted Hispanic crime wave blooming and unreported, with as many Hispanics killed in many single months of 2019 as normally in previous years.
Baltimore is currently on track to have 341 killings in 2019.
Can anyone derail the Harm City Hoodrats from a fifth consecutive Middleweight Crown?
Also note that my past three days were spent in Baltimore County and that I heard the Ghetto Hawk overhead and police sirens for 20 of those 72 hours—and that is just the Harm City overflow.
The Boned Zone: Surviving Urban Predation
Don't Get Boned: The Harm City Handbook
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Juan StaboneJuly 14, 2019 9:43 PM UTC

Something interesting here:
Juan StaboneJuly 14, 2019 9:35 PM UTC

Every. Word. He. Said. Is. True.
responds:July 15, 2019 9:55 AM UTC

Every word he pronounced during this call, had scathing conviction in it.