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'Oh No He Didn't!'
Crackpot Mailbox: Uncivil War News from Ajay, Lynn, Big Ron and Bad Smitten
Daz right—he did!
Bad Smitten
Some things from our conversation.
Here's the podcast I was talking about. I think these guys are on track to agree with you, but they need more data and details to fully understand the picture of the founding of this country. I think it would be great if you could do a podcast with them. If you listen and decide you're interested in that, I can contact them for you.
Gad Saad, evo-psych marketing guy:
Feminized America Series
I'm still looking for sources re: phytoestrogens and masculinity, but I will get back to you.
Sun, Jul 14, 7:35 PM (13 hours ago)
Will start uploading here as well from now on.
Joe Rogan and Hotep Jesus
Tue, Jul 9, 8:11 PM (6 days ago)
Father chases down thief who stole car with children inside and beats him to death with help of bystanders
Radioactive uranium, whiskey and rattlesnake found in stolen car pulled over by police
Shit is kicking off!
Tennessee governor signs 'Forrest Day' proclamation, honoring the Confederate general
Big Ron
Boxing trainer with impressive connections operating in Atoka | Sports |
6:39 AM (2 hours ago)
The mind makes everything seem worse great quote.
Take care.
big ron
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