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'Girls Know What They Are Doing?'
A Real Filthy Few Back Story Question from Cosmic Cockblocker
Dear James,
I understand you are regarded as a misogynist and am wondering what you thing about the following:
Some people on the right (libertarians and pick up artists) are defending Jeffrey Epstein, the reasons include that any man who could pimp 15 year olds and get away with it would, and / or, that the girls know what they are doing.
-Cosmic Cockblocker

Miss Cockblocker—sorry, Mizz—thank you for giving me this change to defend the sacred Altar of Misogyny against the limp-dicked lechers who might assail it.
As a true misogynist I do not hate or dislike women. Only women and sissy bitches hate and dislike women because of what they are.
I distrust women because of what they are—and not thinking that bad intent on their part is what is the matter with them. I distrust women because they are domesticated prey and have very little agency and hence cannot be trusted to keep their word, because they are not strong enough. This lack of strength is attractive to me because it gives me somebody to protect that is soft in all ways and who possess no threat to me other than as a conduit of enemy will.
An example of why a woman cannot be trusted is her inability to remain rational under pressure, which is something she shares with male intellectuals and most of the Alt Right leadership and libertarian diaspora, who due to their lack of combat experience and physicality, are incapable of understanding aggression. Functionally, on "the street" the greatest right wing thinker in the current age—who is the editor of Counter Currents—is a moron next to characters with names such as T-Bone, Ham Slice and Poke Chop, for the very reason that he is incapable of understanding aggression due to his deep thinking ways. I have just described a sissy—who will certainly never buy another article from me—who is a sissy because he believes that a government, a state, or a nation should protect him from his neighbors for no other reason than he is "white."
In describing the sissy above, incapable of escaping his righteous delusions, I have taken one step towards describing the woman. The woman also suffers from defense entitlement, believing not only that an abstract social organism should protect her, but that all men should protect her. She is born an idiot, and anyone who suggests that any collective of females, let alone a bevy of teeny bopper whores, "know what they are doing," is an idiot as well.
Barring a few odd women, the female of our species is our dainty prize, our vulnerable incubator and nurse, our pleasure-giving slave, our loyal servant. Due to the weakness and degeneracy of the so-called "white" race she has instead become all of those things in relation to the State making her a worshipper of the same mighty maladaption that sissy philosophers and politicians worship. This makes her incapable of understanding reality, particularly where deeds are concerned. I recently put in a small fire pit and patio for a Leftist woman who happens to be the property of one of my fighters. She was amazed, that I and another fighter just did this for her and wondered out loud, "Who does that?"
I thought to my self, "Men who do not depend on proxy action—men who disbelieve every notion of social good and justice you hold dear."
Keeping the truth to myself—a thing she has been designed by God to be unable to abide in the wan light of her inner will—I simply informed her that this is the kind of good stuff that comes a woman's way when she serves a man who is part of a band of fighters.
Mizz, for me this strikes to the core of what it is to be an Aryan, to be a far fallen seed of the War Bands that conquered every civilization they encountered. A woman [girls are slaves, the word being an English term to denote female slave] offers something that a warrior craves—approval of his actions, not submission to them. A girl only offers easy submission and is thereby the plaything of the physically frail, the morally pale and the miserly hale.
Once a girl is physically a woman I think that she should either be married so that her husband could raise her up from her childish ways and help her grow into a strong woman, or developed into a superior type. But this sick business of taking girls one step removed from childhood play and using them as mindless toys for sex play—this is cringe worthy and the mark of the most degenerate races. A girl that isn't married should be brought to a level of strength that will permit her to properly assess the virtues of a man so that she can select the best owner for her easily buffeted body and soul.
Mizz, it is no surprise to me that the sissy branches of the American "right" would have a hard time imagining doing anything but wrong on behalf of the few things on earth weak enough to make them feel strong.
I have had very attractive girls of college age literally plead for me to permit them to be my sex slaves. And physically, I really wanted to use them. However, I thought it would diminish me to mate with someone who was mentally a child, even though their bodies proclaimed them women. I would do this with a primitive teenager who had been raised in a traditional society and was therefore a woman. But to satisfy my lust on a mindless retard produced by the flaccid womb of Modernity strikes me with disgust. I am not even interested in beautiful women in their 20s unless they are remarkable of mind in some way. So yes, I'd marry some 15-year-old Andean peasant girl with domestic skills and native strength. But to sully myself with the giggles and tears of some shapely retard that has somehow escaped innocence?
This deeply disgusts.
I have a theory that our Loud-Mouthed New York President is also not attracted to premature nubiles and craves real women and that this is why the Left and the State hate him—because he insists on fucking women rather than children.
Where is Solomon Kane when you need him?
Of course, the Filthy Few will be assaulting an island.
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ShepJuly 17, 2019 8:25 PM UTC

TWS - I'm betting on electromagnetic pulse.
KmanJuly 16, 2019 12:00 PM UTC

James, please tell me about what "Filthy Few" means in the context of your blog. It has it's own very specific meaning in the context of the 1% world.
responds:July 17, 2019 3:09 PM UTC

A novel I will finish in January about condemned men being tapped to rescue child sacrifices. Click on the tab upper right.
TWSJuly 15, 2019 10:20 PM UTC

Excellent assessment. I believe Aryan society has degenerated since our days as pastoralists. Working horses and cattle from horse back, learning to deal with wolf, bear, and lion makes for a poor slave generally. Is there a way back?
responds:July 17, 2019 3:10 PM UTC

A few paths back, I suspect, an ice age being my preferred way.