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‘13 Ounces’
A Sign of Uncivil War

I received a hand-delivered thank you from a young man entering police work and specializing in ‘Global Terrorism’ who seems to be entertained by my writing and appreciative of my coaching.
I then walked to the nearest mailbox, past a toddler park, the entrance of which is marked by a globe. The sliding board is draped and cordoned by crime scene tape.
Further along I came to a recreation center which had a mailbox before it and approached with my slim envelope, containing one sheet of lined paper with a happy birthday greeting for a pen pal. There I was confronted with a notice, recently posted by the United States Postal Service, indicating, among various customs notices, that no stamp bearing envelope exceeding 13 ounces may be deposited in a mailbox. After reading this and moving to deposit my half-ounce envelope I noticed that the door of the box only opens enough to permit a slim envelope.
Noticing my curiosity, a lady bringing mail from the rec center said, “Mailboxes have been being broken into. If you’re mailing checks the post office is the only safe way. Checks are being stolen and forged.”
This was a reminder that our Uncivil War is not a civil war in the traditional sense, in which rival parties compete for control of a nation by ascending to control of the internal hierarchy. The Uncivil War is a competition between those who seek the old form of internal hierarchal control of a nation and those who simply seek national dissolution and subordination to an extra-national order. One party seeks to lead the human herd while the other seeks to prey upon it. An element of this predation is gaining influence—if not control—over those who lead the human herd, making the NGOs and globalists more like hunters feeding upon migrating herds and perhaps arranging stampedes and otherwise effecting migratory paths, rather than shepherds trying to maintain control.
This calls for an expansion of the role of my young friend the Counter Terrorism student, as police must be repurposed into predators, unleashing the sheep dog in a wolfish role when it serves the predatory puppet masters. Police will be split into four roles as the Uncivil War progresses in the unraveling of traditional societies:
-1 passive civic witness [Portland, Seattle]
-2 targeted law enforcement [Baltimore County]
-3 paramilitary action [Manhattan]
-4 criminal predation [Baltimore City]
Below is a standout example of 4:
Massachusetts police officer charged with repeatedly raping 16-year-old homeless girl while on duty
Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall
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