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Four Colonized Americans
Specific Impacts of the ‘Invade the World Invite the World’ Imperial Strategy

The most obvious and common form of colonization in America was the replacement of working European-Americans with African Americans by the elite of Plantation America, eventually resulting in the majority of state and municipal government jobs—the best working class jobs in eastern U.S. cities—being assigned to African Americans in my life time at rates as high as a hundred to one [transit employees in Maryland.] In the meantime, in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, interracial aggression has maintained a 30 to 40-to-1 ebony over ivory advantage, with the 20 attacks against me in 2017 breaking down to 1 canine, 2 ivory, 1 mixed and 16 ebony in areas that were between 60% and 95% ivory.
Is this some guilt-borne aberration, some will to suicide of a dying race?
Or, might there be a pattern of the United States of America replacing, by serendipity or design, European Americans with those inclined to prey upon them or simply eager to replace them?
Three of the following people are or were very close to me. One is me.
The Philippine Insurrection against American invaders in 1903 led to the invention of the 1911 .45 Automatic Pistol and a large community of Filipino Americans working in the military, martial arts and medicine.
In 2018, as medical facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region literally crawled with Filipino Americans and Filipino migrants, Scottie took out a student loan for $17k to train at a university to become a medical specialist. In his study unit one clinical instructor issued a grade which dropped his score, and the score of three students who were not white men a single point below passing. The female and the two people of color received a passing grade while he was failed for the same exact score.
Scottie is now working a variety of jobs to pay off the student loan.
When I was a year old the United States Military officially began murdering the Vietnamese People in a war that ruined and ended the lives of numerous American men who I would later come to know. As soon as the war was ended Vietnamese people were being transplanted to the U.S. with tax dollars, where some formed street gangs, some opened eateries and many got into the beauty business.
Cherie developed nerve problems with her feet and needed a sit-down job. Jimmy paid out of his $10 an hour clerk wages to send her to manicurist school and get her licensed so that she could be a manicurist in Baltimore City. Within a year of opening her booth she began losing money, unable to make her $400 a week booth rent, because unlicensed Vietnamese manicurists were doing nails for a quarter of the going rate.
Cherie went to work a retail job. Unable to make car payments on minimum wage she had to take the bus, where African American women attacked her. Cherie is no living on a tiny disability income.
In the early 1990s, presumably afraid that the warrior nation of Somalia was going to invade the United State, the U.S. invaded Somalia. Since that time, tens of thousands of single, military-aged Somali males have been flown on jets at U.S. taxpayer expense to cities such as Columbus Ohio and Portland Maine, where they have remained unemployed and actively attacking indigenous Americans. In Maine 1000 elderly Americans were bi-passed for subsidized housing so that these young warriors could enjoy the spoils of war. In 2016, the mayor of Baltimore publicly announced that she was requesting 1000 Somali men be imported to Baltimore City.
Sandy lived alone in a house in formerly nice neighborhood, surrounded by government subsidized people of another race who threatened and tormented her. The year after the Baltimore Riots in 2016 Danny asked Jimmy to escort her to the pharmacy at night, she driving and him acting as bodyguard. As she entered he noticed a police cruiser across the street at the other pharmacy and a Somali man staking out her pharmacy for ambush, setting up in the vestibule in obvious predatory posture. Jimmy confronted the wedge-headed darling of The American State and the man backed off, looked at the parked cop, crossed the street and set up his ambush before the eyes of the uncaring cop as Sandy and Jimmy left.
A month or so later Jimmy declined to permit a large Bantu warrior to sneak up behind him, and, when he put is back to a light pole the aggrieved savage called the Baltimore City Police who dispatched a blonde female cop who threatened to shoot Jimmy.
Cherie and Jimmy
At the turn of the 18th and 19th Century, during the unjust Spanish American War which set America on the road to empire, the island of Porto Rico came under American rule. Since then large populations of Porto Rican men have committed violent crime against other Americans in East Coast cities at roughly three times the rate of so-called “white” men. Entire Northeastern Cities have been rendered unlivable for peaceful folk by this feral population of post-war immigrants.
Almost exactly a hundred years after the U.S. acquisition of that savage island, Cherie had been hiding inside her falling-apart house as Jimmy battled Bantu warriors on the streets of Northeast Baltimore getting back and forth to work at his night job and day jobs. In 2000 they moved to Dundalk in Baltimore County to escape the ebony aggression.
12:34 Christmas morning an armed Rican thug and his ebony man-hunting partner tried to run Jimmy down in the middle of Holabird Avenue where he successfully defended with a razor blade.
A few months later, as their marriage came apart at the seams, he noticed she was injured but she would not speak to him. A month later she finally admitted that while returning from the Wise Avenue Mars supermarket with a few cans of tuna a Rican teenager attacked her, who she battled in a stand up kickboxing match for minutes, eventually kicking him in the chest and scrambling off the pavement in a death match intensity fight and limping home. She had hidden this fact from him out of fear that he would kill the Rican and she would be left homeless while Jimmy was imprisoned for life for the greatest crime a Ghost American can commit against the Federal Zombie Occupation Government, defending his family against the anointed replacements of the European American Working Class—an economic slave race no longer desired by its masters.
A White Trash Perspective
These are facts of life in mid-eastern, urban and suburban America.
Are these the result of serendipity, geopolitical gravity or imperial conspiracy?
I do not know.
What’s more, does it matter “why” when what “is” is on one hand denied by the news media and on the other hand fanatically facilitated by 11 major Christian Churches, two non-Christian faiths along with federal, state and municipal governments?
The fix is in, paleface.
Do you take on numerous world-spanning religions, a world-straddling empire and global investment banking in unequal strife, in which as many of your folk are against as with you?
Do you take the fall, declining to have children and bowing to the sterile demands of the elite that you step aside for the hyper-violent “meek” to inherit your homeland?
Do you fight for the cause of your own extinction as a member of the Zombie Occupation Government?
Or do you find some unmarked way out of the bag of rats you have been tossed into by those who sold you out while you huddled, trustingly, in your mother’s womb?
Like the other people above, many of my American ancestors were brought to this land as slaves and I currently have no privilege, but am utterly discriminated against by society and the state. Being out numbered by millions to one, my choice is not to fight for or against the state, but to make my way among the human shambles in a bid to preserve some shreds of the truth for whoever among my kind might survive the overwritten lie of America.
Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback
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