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White Rabbit Warren Invasion
The Trajectory of Suburban Blight

I have recently been staying in a wealthy suburban enclave which has come under assault by car-mobile hoodrats and the matrons are squawking as their soymen are gawking, wondering what comes next. Below is the typical trajectory for urban invasion of the suburban reality vacation…
This is an organized activity with cells typically consisting of
-A. A shot-caller in his 20s or 30s
-B. an enforcer in his twenties
-C. an observer in his 20s
-D. 2-4 drivers in their late teens
-E. 2-4 breakers in their mid-teens
-F. 2-4 scouts in their early teens
Aggression Progression
-1. Lone youth on bicycles and skateboard and on foot recon the area day and night
-2. Six months to a year later 1 or two men in cars will recon the area at night
-3. Cars will be broken into and robbed of contents between 2-5 A.M. This time slot will not change until stage 6
-4. Cars will be stolen for transportation back to mustering locations and abandoned or shipped to Africa or sold to a chop-shop
-5. This activity above will develop police pressure and cessation of car thefts for six months to a year
-6. The intelligence gathered in phases 1-4 will be used to strike deeper, beginning with lone adult males surveilling the neighborhood from cars during the day. Future attacks will tend to occur more in winter conditions when fewer potential witnesses are out and about and during the day when residents are away.
-7. The first attacks are usually car-borne assaults on pedestrians, usually male retail and food workers walking to and from work in middle class areas at night, and in upscale areas shoppers and ATM users being followed by car-loads of men and robbed between their residence and their car.
-8. Poorly executed versions of number 7 can result in sidewalk murder, abduction, carjackings and follow-in home-invasions and rape/murder outcomes.
-9. Normal escalation after a 2-year or more infiltration period is day-time home invasions and nighttime investment of houses emptied for vacation. Police and media will frame this activity as burglary or assault and underreport it to divert community pressure for action.
-10. Peak escalation is nighttime home invasion of occupied homes, which tends to occur only in cases of people being specifically targeted due to known crime or business involvement and perceived possession of cash, a drug stash and/or a weapon cache. If you are in this target category, you need a bodyguard.
The Hunt for Whitey
Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny
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Juan StaboneJuly 22, 2019 4:27 PM UTC

Bryce - I have done this twice in my quiet middle-class neighborhood. Once a "homeless" mutt on a bicycle was watching me and the fam leave our house in our van. I got out and literally kicked him in the ass and generally mad-dogged him into sniveling retreat. Another time, two obvious skanky meth-maggot females parked their warrant-wagon on our block and got out and began oozing around the area. I followed them on foot and then in my vehicle, enduring their screeches and a barrage of one-finger salutes, while calling 911 to report "suspicious people". They left, too.

In each case, these oxygen thieves were clearly "out of place", and in both cases, they all were white.
Bryce SharperJuly 22, 2019 12:47 AM UTC

Isn't it best to stop this at stage 1 by aggressively questioning the "youths" and perhaps following them around when they're in your neighborhood? I know this would be "racist," but if you're white and breathing, you're racist.
responds:July 22, 2019 3:23 PM UTC


and, Yes.