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'A Death Sentence in this Country'
Crackpot Mailbox: Paleass Athene Goes off the PC Rails!
Tue, Jul 16, 9:21 PM (6 days ago)
Listening to the Rogan-Hotep podcast was interesting for only one reason:
I have not had many chances in my life to speak with 110 IQ negroes (talented tenth, smarter than 90% of negroes), and now I feel I have checked that box off my list. Being a 110 IQ negro with decent social skills in 21st century USA is better than winning the lottery. Being a 110 IQ white man is practically a death sentence in this country right now.
I could list all the things he said which betray his total fraudulence in technology and other topics but I'm not going to, Rogan is clearly smarter and better informed than him, and he is no genius.
It really hurts to see the way this country's resources have been mobilized to destroy my people and to elevate the abjectly unworthy of the earth.
-Paleass Athene
Stop the Hate, Baby!
Just because you tower statuesquely over the hordes of jabbering humanity like a goddess and look ominously down from your pale ivory countenance doesn't give you the right...
Check that—yes, I'm a barbarian who does not believe in Rights.
What is more, based on the picture you included when you first contacted me a few weeks ago you're, well, what soothes an ailing man in his decline. So, you get a goddess pass even if you are a mortal woman.
I do, however, as a woke devil allied with numerous magic Bantus, feel moved to defend them as a group, much like The Lone Ranger might have gone to bat for Tonto, or Daniel Boone for Mingo, or Batman for—nah, nah, nah—that shit is gay...
A Magic Bantu of the questioning frame of mind is a very important ally for the endangered paleface, because he knows he has been lied to by the government and academia and the media and is just confused as to the specifics of what he has been lied to about.
The core aspects of the Great White—and this is a "White" thing, not a Christian thing or a European thing—American Lie is this:
-1. That only African Americans have ever been enslaved, marking them as uniquely inferior [historically speaking] among human beings. Really, what other race of people are defined by the media only by their bad treatment at the hands of more powerful folk? This is a direct attack on African American masculinity suggestive of an effectively female race.
-2. That only European Americans have held slaves, making them uniquely evil
-3. That all White Americans since American slavery ended [it didn't, but that's another battle] have benefitted from that unique White-over-Black period of iniquitous inequity
-4. That those Whites who wish to be regarded as good and not evil must declare their race to be intrinsically evil, beg the State to bestow redressing privilege to all members of the formerly enslaved race and gracefully hand over political power to the descendants of those people that their ancestors once oppressed
-5. That those Whites who do not agree and act upon the 4 points above are defiantly evil and wish to kill and enslave all other races and must be stopped at all costs.
I defy anyone to give proof that the above is not the foundational basis for Postmodern American Social Discourse.
Hotep Jesus and other Magic Bantus have two beliefs in common that are resistant to the deterministic construct of the above foundational American lie, making them natural allies to European Americans who just want to be left alone:
-1. We Wuz Kangs philosophy, which is true in the most fundamental way, by stating that for most of human history Africans of Ebon Hue have been ruled by their own lords and are therefore manifestly not a uniquely slavish race
-2. That "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong," "privilege" and "oppression" are not racial characteristics, but that all races have among their own kind those individuals who fit one side or the other of each of the three dualistic states of being that dominate the contention of The Great White American Lie.
The Lies That Bind Us
The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream
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Mike_CJuly 23, 2019 7:56 PM UTC

"what other race of people are defined by the media only by their bad treatment at the hands of more powerful folk?"

responds:July 24, 2019 12:44 PM UTC

Let's not get me killed today.