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Hubric Cleansing
Crackpot Mailbox: WellRead Ed and James Discuss the American End Time
A must read, pass it on
Mon, Jul 22, 7:18 PM (17 hours ago)
In case you thought you were alone in your assertion.
What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives ...
The progressive socialists, who now go under the name of "Liberals", have plans on the consolidation of their po...
WellRead Ed

Its always kind of cute when a pale white rabbit, lowers his wine glass, to bare his nose, pink from wine, to the winds of war and, as he sniffs the air of despair above the mud-lapped warren housing his ivory easy chair, realizes, "Oh my, dear old me, the state is not the guardian of my liberties but my prison guard—Oh dear, who might protect me now?"
These people, in my view, are as liberal as the socialists, having believed all along that the reason why they were never permitted to defend themselves and had to be taxed to equip vast war machines and oppressive police agencies, was because they were not qualified to do it and security can only be provided by "experts" like police and soldiers.
Thank the Old Gods for hate-filled African Americans and bloodthirsty Latinos—for they are our only hope that the degenerate, dreaming God that is the so called "white race" might awaken in time to raise a symbolic hand in its own defense before rolling over with a wan sigh to kiss the uncaring sky.
As a Darwinist I cannot pity a species that declines to survive. But as a member of this shameful and deluded collective, I'd like a last stand at least, perhaps recorded by some Chinese anthropologist about the sad passing of a once great, once barbaric race.
Thanks, WellRead Ed... I woke in pain but am now as right as rain.
Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time
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