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Big Ron
Crackpot Podcast 59

The guest you have all been waiting for, BIG RON! James, Big Ron, Dr. David, Judy the barmaid, and Millennial Friend met at the bar for this very special episode. Please forgive me for the poor sound quality from the other end. There is background noise and Ron's voice doesn't pick up as well as James's.

0:04:00 Caucasian conquistador, gentrification

0:15:20 SF Condo video

0:23:30 Cameo appearance by Judy, A Woman of Wisdom

0:28:00 Lesbian superbowl

0:33:30 Schools in Baltimore

0:41:28 Cameo by Dr. David, a future guest

0:44:25 Changes in the workforce, drugs

1:02:55 Boxing question for John Paul Barber (unfortunately very garbled)

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