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The Passing of Tyler Wingate
Crackpot Mailbox: Manny, Riley, Autumnal Son, Ajay, Lynn and WellRead Ed Reporting


Vox Popoli: My kind of Catholic


Train porn...

Sent from Riley

Autumnal Son


Thu, Aug 1, 12:48 AM (4 days ago)

Look at the boomer idiot on the motorcycle, lol.

spitting truths

Tue, Jul 30, 2:49 AM (6 days ago)

This brother is more on point than 80% of honkies!


CNN: Man who was circumcised in hospital mix-up awarded $24,000 compensation.

Police officer accuses McDonald's workers of taking bite out of sandwich then admits he ‘forgot he ate it’

Family's 'Thin Blue Line' American flag sparks controversy after neighbors call it 'racist'

Fox News: Trump blasts 'con man' Al Sharpton, as feud with Dems over Baltimore heats up.

Fox News: Canadian hiker says she used Metallica song to scare off cougar.

CNN: A man was sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail for poisoning his wife's coffee.

Man writes anti-gay message on restaurant bill, forces it down female manager's shirt

USA TODAY: Millennials say dating has gotten 'way too expensive,' 30% can't even afford love.

Fox News: Thai king names mistress official concubine in ceremony alongside new wife of 3 months.

Trump Supports Labeling Antifa A ‘Major Organization Of Terror’

Fox News: Disney World guest's angry rant about 'childless' millennials goes viral: 'You made my son cry!'.

Fox News: Country rock band Confederate Railroad booted from second state fair over its name: We've 'done nothing wrong'.

Pennsylvania school district that threatened to place children in foster care now accepting CEO's offer to settle lunch debt—abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=ma

The Guardian: They look white but say they're black: a tiny town in Ohio wrestles with race.

Police bodycam footage of woman, 65, resisting arrest sparks outrage: 'If she was black she would've been shot'

'The only thing my son is guilty of is being a black boy': Mom of 10-year-old charged with assault for dodgeball injury speaks out as case dropped

Virginian-Pilot: Customer who shot Virginia Beach 7-Eleven robbers won't be charged, prosecutor says.

Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Confessed to Killing Russian Influencer After She Called Him ‘Sexually Unworthy’

Fox Business: Amazon allegedly scammed out of $370K by 22-year-old's return shipments of dirt.

Newsweek: McDonald's Worker Fired for Refusing to Serve Paramedics: 'We Don't Serve Your Kind Here'.

Yahoo Lifestyle: 'I was offended': Woman claims mechanic told her to lift up shirt in exchange for discount.

Jesse James Bowie

British IQ

Sat, Jul 27, 9:15 PM (9 days ago)

British Doctors Forced To Tell Women Not to Put Ice Lollies In Their Vaginas To Cool Down | Zero Hedge

Make sure to read our "How To [Read/Tip Off] Zero Hedge Without Attracting The Interest Of [Human Resources/The Treasury/Black Helicopters]" Guide. It would be very wise of you to study our disclaimer, our privacy policy and our (non)policy on conflicts / full disclosure.Here's our Cookie Policy.. How to report offensive comments. Notice on Racial Discrimination.


Lynn Lockhart

Tue, Jul 30, 12:50 PM (6 days ago)

You were such a savage at the end of 2017. I love knowing that he's in there, but you don't need him much anymore. You are much more suited to being the sage.

Here is the thread I made. I can still add to it but my tweets auto-delete after six months:

WellRead Ed

A Cautionary Tale

Sat, Aug 3, 5:05 PM (2 days ago)

When Unicorn Dreams and media deception crashes into harsh reality, this is the result. If you enter a city like Detroit unarmed and with no self-defense skills, you are asking to be food.

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