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Barbaric Manliess
Crackpot Mailbox: Clued and James Discuss the First Weightlifters

Siberian sheep squatting contest won for the first time in 1,000 years by a foreigner | Daily Mail Online

Sun, Jul 28, 11:01 PM (9 days ago)


I thought you would appreciate this demonstration of barbaric manliess. Surely a thousand or two years ago the men of a less civilized age would have to improvise their weightlifting equipment!


The Origins of Power-Lifting?

We have long assumed that power-lifting and strength sports came in with agricultural toil. Also, since extant aborigine cultures, such as the !kung and Australians, were so skinny, we have assumed that heavy muscles are a thing of the domesticated world. However, since I was a boy of 8, unable to read, and my mother read to me from the Golden Book Meet the Native Americans with a cover illustrations of a man dressed in hide hood with a deer kill over his shoulders, I have regarded hunting as an act of some strength. Consider:

-Shayne and Bob, the big game hunters I have now known for three years, are most proud in retelling certain tales, not of the best shot, best stalk or biggest rack, but of hauling hundreds of pounds of meat away from a kill before the grizzly bears show up.

-Most elements of Aryan war-making and hunting are shared with Northeast Asians, who all evolved their cultures in areas formerly hunted by Neanderthals, who were muscle hunters, four-times our strength, and whose male DNA Asians and Caucasians share. 51% of Neanderthal diet [according to nitrate analysis] came from the auroch, the giant prehistoric bull, which they killed with knives and spears and suffered great injury. War-making has had it's highest evolution in the form of steppes warfare, with men and beasts working as a team, an evolutionary process shared and borrowed between Caucasians and Northeast Asians. The apogee of this process was Operation Barbarossa and later the battle of Kursk, replicated in 1991 by Abrams and Bradly troopers in Kuwait, steel machines having replaced the ancient horse and chariot.

-Boxing and its origins are closely allied with bull sacrifice on many levels, with Minoan boxing taking place in "rodeo" areas where bull-leaping by youths and maidens was common. Bull-fighting has come down to us through the legends of Gilgamesh and Heracles and remains still among the more war-like catholic societies.

-The most dominant combat athlete of all time was Milo [Sheep] of Kroton, who it is said grew strong by lifting a calf as a boy and continuing to lift the animal every day until it was a full grown bull. He was said to be able to eat an entire bull and was, like other strongmen of his time, in the habit of eating ram and steer testicles for the testosterone. See The Broken Dance in three volumes for correlations of ancient athletics, warfare and livestock-based nomadism.

-The totem of Zeus [Thunder-Chief] was the bull of heaven and he even came to earth in bull form and raped human females in myth. His bastard son, Herakles famously fought a magic bull as one of his twelve labours.

-In modern times, when stone age warriors defeated modern armies in the 1800s in Polynesia, America and South Africa, anthropologists discovered that these three peoples, Polynesians, Zulu Bantus and Native Americans, where the largest men in the world, with this attributed to their high protein diet.

-While small game hunters, such as the !kung and the Confederate infantryman, might be scrawny, big game hunters are powerful, as were the men who invaded Europe with their heavy war axes, horse carts and cattle herds some 4,000 years ago, introducing boxing, the supremacy of The Sky God and the supplication of the Earth Mother as his bride.

Gods of Boxing

The First Boxers

By the Wine Dark Sea

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