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On the Road to Knucklehead Damascus
Crackpot Mailbox: Saul Wants Some Knucklehead Advice

gym selection advice

Mon, Aug 5, 8:56 PM (14 hours ago)

Hey James,

I'm writing to ask your advice one what type of fighting gym I should join in order to develop some self defense skills. I plan on buying some of your books, but just off the bat hearing you talk on the Myth of the 20th Century I felt the need to shoot you an email. I've got plenty of BJJ, Muay Thai and Krav Maga places near me, as well as MMA. But tomorrow I'm going to check out a boxing gym where Jason Estrada trained. what do you think would be best for initial training? I'm a 26 year old guy with almost no training.



Gym Selection

Saul, you want fundamentals on your feet and on the ground.

The sooner you start mixing arts the sooner you will become retarded on the fundamental level and short-circuit your basic development.

MMA, Krav Maga and Muay Thai will all compromise your boxing fundamentals.


Boxing takes longer to get proficient at than your other options, so begin there. It is also the cheapest, if you are willing to get punched in the face. Tell them you want to compete as an amateur and you will get the best and cheapest training. The pressure of competing will forge your soul like nothing else. Then, after 2-3 bouts, back-off and work on applying your skills to survival situations.


BJJ is a must for MMA—so why half-ass it in an MMA setting when you can get the real shit? Do Gi and no-gi. MMA-focused BJJ focuses on no-Gi which is not as useful for survival combat. The Gi is the jacket and pants uniform. If your BJJ school teaches judo, do judo! Judo is better for self-defense than BJJ.


Learn weapons through a Modern Agonistics or Dog Brothers affiliate school or self-coach using the free videos at the Lancaster Agonistcs YouTube channel and on the Modern Agonistics page of this site.


After about a year of boxing and a bout or two, join the Muay Thai school for cross-training. The conditioning is second to none.


Join an MMA school for work on integration of boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai.


Compete in a stick fight with minimal gear, hopefully against a Krav Maga student. Ultimately your self-defense needs must be geared towards weapons in this devolving dark age.

Good luck and feel free to send questions any time. Training questions always get first look.


Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

The Punishing Art

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