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'Vanished with You Old White People'
Crackpot Mailbox: James and Carlos Discuss the Erasure Stain of Modernity with a Dialogue with Baruch

When did people become so dumbed down?

Boohoo Cry Khazar baby

Mon, Aug 5, 2:24 PM (22 hours ago)

Hi James, I'm from Toronto, Canada and went to school here. From what I remember of "Canadian history", it was all centered around the two world wars,with mention of women's rights and other things nobody cares about, I assume because the government can take credit for it, that much I understand. In fact the concept of school being some indoctrination centre doesn't come as some shock.

However, I look at adults like you, and especially the ones who are even older, and you seem to have some knowledge of the west and general history that you're able to reference. For example, in older math books I found plenty of reference to Plato and Euclid, and more specifically their ideas. This wouldn't be possible today as nobody knows who these people wrote, nor even cares.

So my question pertains not so much to the govt brainwashing centers called schools, but more so with the cultural knowledge about the west that was once common that seems to have vanished with you old white people.

Sincerely, a confused son of a Chilean

Dear, Sir,

Thanks for this prompt. I could not have written the following without this.

Note that I have placed this dialogue on the fiction page of my site, the least-used page by far based on total reads per total posts. You see, our readers here tend to be "big-brained nimbus" types, usually smarter than I am, who have the ability to internally sort externally acquired information and might read history books and such. The normal person imbibes historical information internally, through fiction. Going to the Barnes & Noble, basically the only book store left other than Powell's in Portland, Oregon, you will find 2 of 20 aisles of history—the shortest aisles, with half of that WWII and the next largest categories African-American and American Indian, the latter two being diversionary and the first being a concluding history category intended to bury all other history.

History is generally kept alive in the common mind through myth and other forms of fiction—which have deep human truths imbedded and traditionally cover history as well. James Michener used to write this type of fiction best. Now we have vampire and werewolf and superhero fiction which are all placed in our time. When mystery, drama and romance and other forms of fiction are placed historically it will be in WWII holocaust setting and American slavery settings in the late 1850s.

This trend recognizes the previous beginning of American History, being set in 1861, which was superseded by WWII as the new beginning of history. This was once the purpose of the Bible, to set a beginning of history between 4 B.C. and A.D. 4. The reason—I think—that most human scientific achievement was made prior to the end of WWII by men born before the American Civil War, was that these men had the full benefit of 2,000 years of history. Even the most banal moviegoer will now tell you that no new movies are made, with everything a remake or a prequel or a sequel.

In tabletop wargaming, an interactive form of fiction which is played by men averaging 60 years of age and rarely non-Caucasian, 70% of all war games are WWII-themed. Of the remaining 30% most are Civil War games, which reminds me of the fiction of the generation before mine, which I imbibed at their knees watching TV and movies, the Western, with most westerns having a Civil War subtext, and secondarily the Civil War movie—even a Civil War Disney movie I loved from a Confederate perspective made in the early 1960s. In fact, in 1974, the first time I paid with a group of friends to go see a movie without my parents, was when three of us 11-year-olds went to see Gone With the Wind, a Civil War Epic, the American Fictive Foundation stone that keyed the mind back some one hundred years, shutting it off to most any notion of what went before other than white-over-black slavery.

With WWII usurping the beginning of history from the American Civil War we reduced the mirror into the past by some five generations. Furthermore, the tiny holocaust view of WWII now takes up most of the fictive and historical material, further obscuring windows into a deeper past. Indeed, even if you are a Hebrew curious about your people, what occurred in A.D. 71 was much worse than what occurred between 1937 and 45. If you are a gentile, than focusing on WWII holocaust history is like sinking your mind into an obscuration matrix, as your folk most likely had zero involvement in that terrible tragedy, just as an African American constantly wringing his hands over the Rawandan genocide is pointlessly miring himself in someone else's guilt.

[Note: 90% of Jews died in 2 years at Roman hands and the Romans thrived for another 200 years, while a small percentage of world Jewry died in WWII at the hands of people who died almost instantaneously alongside them. So, if you are a Jew, you want to be able to predict the rise of the next Rome, not the next Third Reich.]

This may be due to nothing else than the capitalistic view of history as news and news as a commodity, with the old news swept into the dustbin of history.

To the thinking man, my advice is to never read another book or view another movie on WWII and then begin looking into the near past, being sure to hurdle the earlier amnesiac monolith of the American Civil War as a device which has served to baffle the American mind since 1865. Once your mind has settled into the past with your back to 1861 and your view upon the great sweep of human tragedy and triumph leading to 1861, then you mind may perceive a vast, shared Reality—rather than the current lie-sodden banality—as We, The Pallid Dead, once did.

Corrections from an Israeli Friend

Nazis vs Romans


Aug 6, 2019, 2:21 PM (17 hours ago)

>90% of Jews died in 2 years at Roman hands and the Romans thrived for another 200 years,

Not 90%. Remember, most of the Jews lived in the Persian Empire.

Two generations later, there were enough Jews in the Eastern Med to launch the Kitos war.

Three generations later, there were enough Jews living in the Land of Israel to launch the Bar Kochba revolt.

Josephus says that during the Great Revolt about 1.1 million Jews were killed in Jerusalem, another 100K in the Galilee, and 100K enslaved.

And our Temple was destroyed, which we are fasting in commemoration of this Sunday.

These events are comparable to the Holocaust, where about a third of the world's Jews died.

>while a small percentage of world Jewry died in WWII at the hands of people who died almost instantaneously alongside them.

[You have previously told me 90% when discussing your people buying back their own sold by the Romans and that makes 30% small indeed. Further, there are more Jews now than before the Nazi attempt to wipe them out, making it a miserable failure as a genocide, even though we are constantly taught that it was the worst genocide in human history. -JL]

Nah, most of those people survived and many of them had successful careers, some right in America after being brought there by Operation Paperclip.

>So, if you are a Jew, you want to be able to predict the rise of the next Rome, not the next Third Reich.

It says that in every generation they rise up against us, and God saves us from their hand. The Third Reich, Rome, the USSR, the Seleucids, the Persians, the Assyrians and Babylonians...the common denominator is pretty big. No sense fixating on any specific one of them.



Was there Ever Another Persecuted People?

Hopefully this does not get me shut down, though chills of fear play down my spine as I write this.

Thanks, Baruch, rather be corrected by you than shutdown by the SPLC or hunted by the ADL.

Let us keep in mind that if I lived in Germany and suggested that 1,500 of the 6 million WWII Jewish dead were actually miss-identified Russian Paratroopers than I could be jailed for a thought crime.

To be clear, I am suggesting no such thing!

But, in light of the above-stated fact of thought-control life in post WWII Germany, I'd say the Third Reich lost that war.

Can we agree, Baruch, that Hitler lost?

Can we also agree that the Flavian Dynasty took your temple and dispersed your nation?

Suggesting that the Romans did not win the war on Israel circa 71 A.D. is ridiculous.

With all do respect, I got the 90% genetic bottleneck number from you in an email a couple years ago concerning the Plantation America project.

Two points, taken YOUR numbers stated in the email above, and the near annihilation of home country Jewry at Roman hands and the destruction of your temple and the general expulsion from your nation and sale into slavery which set in motion some future attempts to exterminate your people, than it is certain that the Romans were much worse than the Germans in terms of their effect on your folk. The Third Reich, through its doomed war with Great Britain and the U.S. and its persecution of your people, might be said to have restored your folk to their ancestral homeland, while Roman actions insured its eventual fall under Islamic rule and even the slaughter of Jews in the streets of Jerusalem by Christian knights in the first Crusade, who cut their bellies open to look for gems. [Source, Harold Lamb.] For instance, while the U.S. is not supposed to protect its borders, according to the 51% of Americans who voted against Trump, most Americans agree that Israel should protect its borders.

Also, millions of Germans were killed in WWII, while only a few thousands of Romans died in the earlier conflict.

Was Rome fire-bombed in 73 A.D.?

Was Rome's women raped by hordes of Asiatic soldiers in 73 A.D.?

These two conflicts can only compare in magnitude of negative effect upon Jews—understanding the last to be born of the first—by someone mired in current newsthink. Indeed, Jews have become the martyr folk of the Postmodern Secular West, your suffering people in many ways taking the place of Jesus Christ on the Cross of our collective, guilt-ridden Conscience that was born with European Jewry's unique status as the only genocided folk in human history. It can be argued that the great winners of WWII were world Jewry.

I am not making this argument!

Please, I do not want to stand trial in Tel Aviv.

But it is rational and can be supported by numerous facts, where no historian could argue that the Jews won the siege of Jerusalem or Masada or expelled Rome from Judea or were rescued by Christian and Jewish soldiers from North America storming the beaches of Algeria, Anzio and Brittany and occupying Rome and Londinium.

All of the Jews killed in medieval programs and later by the Third Reich, can be traced to the Roman action of the first century A.D. For it was this action that most dispersed Christians [the first Gospels were written almost immediately after the fall of your Temple] and Jews into western and northern Europe. Also, the status of Jews under Christendom as usury specialists insured that they would be hated by common Christians and entangled in national and international banking, making them targets for populist demagogues for all time.

Also, keep in mind that all of my American Jewish friends [7 in number] have told me that they were taught by their rabbi that "Only the Jews have ever suffered genocide." I know you don't believe this, Baruch, but most Americans believe this to be the case, when in fact the Jews have survived numerous genocides, where many other folk have been utterly exterminated by their enemies, including the Canaanites and the Neanderthals, Timucans, Doegs, Westos, Susquehannok, Henderson Islanders, Taino, and Tasmanians and many other peoples. These facts strengthen your case that your people are chosen and favored by the One God and also bolster my case that my Irish bloodline is cursed and hated by the same deity.

Yet, Americans are taught that only your people have been subject to genocide. Also, in a war that claimed 60-million souls and at least 15 million Russians, the 6 million Jews killed are generally regarded by non-Jews as the most important proportion of dead—are indeed the only number of dead that the average American history reader can call to mind. These people, in my way of thinking, should be most important to you and the Russians most important to the Russians, etc. This, among many other things, points to the distorting effect of looking at WWII as the defining human experience, an experience which nullifies all others. Indeed, the Mongol Yoke, worn for hundreds of years, did more to harm Russia than did the Third Reich, which abject failure left Soviet Russia the master of Eastern and Central Europe for four times the existence of the Third Reich.

I am of the opinion that the 20-100 million killed by the Mongols in a single lifetime had greater world impact than WWII, since those number represented a larger percentage of living humanity. How about the 95% reduction of Amerindian population in a lifetime? It is certain that a million lives in 71 A.D. were a larger portion of humanity than 6 million in 1945.

The problem is, is that we are not discussing history when we discuss the Holocaust—we are discussing religion. Indeed, there are three Jewish Holocaust museums in Ireland but no Irish holocaust museums in that nation. Your people have appropriated that ancient Greek term for the plight of my people, who had 5 in 6 million [my numbers] slain in a lifetime rather than 6 in 18 million slain [your numbers here]. The plight of your people in 1940s Europe has utterly erased the plight of my people in 1650s Ireland and America, which was the point of my article.

My point is, is that what happened to the ancient Jews and the early modern Irish is utterly obscured in the common narrative by the promotion of the idea that a people were only slated for annihilation once, and that since those who sought to erase them were ethnically identified Europeans than all people of European descent who are ethnically identified are therefore evil and most be thought-controlled and discouraged from breeding—which is, unarguably, the guiding principle of the identity-erasing religion founded to commemorate the one and only human genocide which currently dominates media right-think and, if adhered to for the rest of human history, will lead to the erasure of all ethnicities except for the sacred golden race promoted in almost every TV spot and movie, God-Chosen Jews and Accursed Irish mongrels included.

Thanks for your corrections, and, as a man who has won only 7 of 21 boxing matches, one third, or about 30% is to me, a small percentage, with numbers greater than 50% counting as large.


Please, no Jew hate comments.

Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16

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Bryce SharperAugust 6, 2019 11:03 PM UTC

I recommend Wiley's "Man of the House" and "The Household and the War for the Cosmos" as well as "The Theology Pugcast" which dive deeper into those problems.

INtergenerational transmission of culture and ideas has been lost for a variety of reasons having to do with the welfare state, corporate oligarchy, and the demise of Western CHristianity and the family.
BanjoAugust 6, 2019 7:08 PM UTC

If you want to keep a secret, write it in a book. As a dummy who was mentally retarded by the garbageland of the public school system, the Canon of Western Literature has been a regenerative fount of mental youth. In the back of Adler's "How to Read a Book" is a list in historical order of the canon. I recommend making friends with some cool dudes like Homer, Aeschylus, Euripides and so on. I wish I met them earlier as their insight into men, women, life, politics, war, honor, deceit etc has been something I was looking for yet found in few works and fewer people in real life.

Or watch the next new gaypowerfeministtransvestitezombielovestory flick that Netflix releases. I hear it's really really "epic."