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Cherry Hill
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Tue, Aug 6, 9:40 AM (1 day ago)

36-year-old woman charged with shooting teen girl in Cherry Hill

Police arrested a 36-year-old woman for shooting a 17-year-old girl in the legs Monday night in Cherry Hill.

Cherry Hill is a famously deadly neighborhood on the edge of the increasingly dangerous Southern Baltimore Precinct.

The area is leading in the increase in knife as well as gun violence and provides most of the criminals currently preying upon the hipsters of South Baltimore proper, between Federal Hill and Locust Point. My favorite criminal, "Spin" the Slick Willie of crack dealers described himself as "a Cherry Hill nigga," many of whom used to get arrested in Baltimore Country, transporting drugs, then get released above North Baltimore and have to run a gauntlet of enemy bantus in Northeast Baltimore on their way back home. This usually happened on Friday night.

Increased violence in fringe areas of Baltimore is keeping paced with increased violence in surrounding Baltimore County, where 180 subsidized housing units are going up now, a mile from where I type. If not for the heroic efforts to criminalize surrounding municipalities, the heroic efforts of Harm City Hoodrats to slaughter one another would make Baltimore the most violent city in the world.

Speaking of which, the boyz have just busted 200, with 201 killings to date, putting them on track for 340 on the year.

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