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'I've Been Marked'
Crackpot Mailbox: Some Tips on Sensing the Bad Entitled Wolf at Your Cozy Door
"This pile of trash, hoodrat discards, soda bottles and chip bags, is being deposited in my back yard. And every time I move it into the alley, it is brought, not thrown, back into my yard. I know I'm being marked because I'm white. It happened to two other white women in the neighborhood and the social workers told us we couldn't say who was marking us, even when we saw them come into our yards and do it. I worked all my life to buy a house in FUCK YOU AMERICA! This is what I get, where it goes, where it ends, with me barricaded indoors hoping they get the lady next door instead of me. You will notice that the black people, their yards are not marked—they don't have trash neatly arranged as a "fuck you" by the new kids in the area like what happens to us white people. But according to the news the greatest threat against my life is a white man with an assault rifle. You know what, maybe if a white man with an assault rifle lived next door and was allowed to defend his home, then maybe I wouldn't have to live like a mouse in a cage with the cat testing the door."
-Harm City Home Owner, in a July conversation with the author
Under the Ghetto Hawk
I visited Baltimore City briefly this summer and am now of the opinion that I could no longer fight and prowl and skulk my way across it's rat-infested streets as I did up until late 2017. It is no longer just an open city, but the venue of an open hunt.
Baltimore County, where I recently spent a few weeks, is falling fast, with mid-rise housing projects rearing their ominous heads above the very neighborhood I coached in until recently, where the last time I met a fighter for training, I walked by a playground encircled by crime scene tape.
Below are some links concerning the fact that Baltimore is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and that, based on the lies and distortions painting Harm City as a mecca of civic pride, that your city should one day go the way of my shittay.
Text from Private Reporter
8:38 PM, Thu, Aug 8
Assassination attempt on BPD cop, the guy is in ICU. Also rash of robberies against cops. BPD hired FBI guy for anti corruption. Somebody is targeting the cops.
The Reality of Life | The Z Blog
12:32 AM (16 hours ago)
Jeremy Bentham
Uruguay Travel Advisory: DON'T Go To Baltimore! | Blog Posts |
Thu, Aug 8, 1:10 PM (1 day ago)
FYI. You’re probably not going to encounter many Uruguayan sight-seers in Harm City this season. Their government has warned them to stay away.
Jeez, everyone is picking on Baltimore these days. What’s up with that?
Uruguay Travel Advisory: DON'T Go To Baltimore!
James Fulford
August 07, 2019, 06:50 PM
Uruguay is one of the nicer countries in South America. It's almost 90 percent white, for one thing. They have recently issued a Travel Advisory on the US, but unlike Amnesty International, they're not that worried about white nationalists, and here's why:
Uruguay tells its citizens to avoid traveling to Baltimore, Associated Press, August 7, 2019
Uruguay issued a warning to its citizens early this week about traveling to the United States after two mass shootings killed more than 30 people.
Jesse James Bowie
Can cannibalism be far off?
Harrowing pics show starving Russians selling human body parts as MEAT during 1920s famine as desperate families become cannibals to survive - The Sun
An estimated five to ten million people died as a result of food shortages largely caused by civil war and drought These disturbing pictures show the horrors of the ...
Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time
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ShepAugust 9, 2019 10:12 PM UTC

James - any inside scoop/word on the street about the attempted BPD assassination?
responds:August 10, 2019 12:01 PM UTC

Not a clue, bro. I'm back on the Overton railroad at Safehouse 3—until tomorrow...