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Crackpot Mailbox: Reports from Lynn, Ted and Shep

Bob recommended Steve Rinella, so I started listening. In this episode, he interviews an archaeologist about the mass extinctions in the Americas. They reject the idea that the early Indians ate all the mammoths. He doesn't have a strong alternative hypothesis but does talk about how the grasses changed and became less digestible to most animals.

The link is to the direct sales page for Adam's book. Lulu lets you do this type of sale where the book isn't listed anywhere but you can provide the link to customers. I can Autumn in a Dying City this way, and Barbarism vs. Civilization and put them on the bookstore as a link with a book cover.

Mister Grey: Your Episode is Up

Thanks so much for joining us, it was great talking with you, finally meeting you!


A title for you:


Oh, Great Khan!

Well, I guess the dames are “glamourous” by English standards…


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