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Mass Shooting Media Massage
Crackpot Mailbox: Two Readers Discuss Mass Shooting Mania with James

I work a few blocks from the "Old Timers" party mass shooting where 2 shooters open fired on the crowd. Note that De Blasio would not call it a mass shooting because it seems that his definition of mass shooting is that which is done by a a shooter with a rifle not a handgun (and also the shooter must be "angry" and palefaced to qualify.) What shooting happens when the shooter is not angry? Yet the news cycle keeps saying "white" "angry." This is further psychically driven into the collective American mind by every Netflix program consisting of mean angry palefaces. It is modern magic. The physically wolrd outpictures the images pounded into the collective mind. For example as soon as Sons of Anachary got a season inder its belt every middle aged tues was LARPing as a mc gang. Americans are acting like collectives retards. It is so obvious. Oh well.


James, I'm what you call the enemy, a Pig, a cop if I dare, and have some observations for you to consider about the mass shooting business.

When that black guy shot those people here in Virginia Beach, everybody paid attention. But the police chief said to the press the night of the shooting that he would say that shooter's name once and not again because the community needed to concentrate on the people that survived. We needed to remember the people that were lost. The city hired an out of state company to independently investigate what happened that could've caused the incident. Many employees are saying that Virginia Beach has a toxic work culture. I think this is taking the focus off the investigation of the shooter. I think it comes down to the guy being a disgruntled employee. I don't know...

-Real Fucking Anonymous!

Dear Anonymous and Jobob Bodeen...

For the record, this great proliferation of mass shootings of all kinds, seem to me to be caused by a combination of mass social insanity due to the unnatural pressures of postmodern society and the connivance of the Deep State, whose members are all possessed of a vested interest to terrorize the population under their thumb while getting us to blame one another.

Anyone with a brain knows that African American men commit most of the shooting in America, despite being a small minority. Also, anybody with a brain knows that any government work culture is toxic. Name a state employee who is not a raging bitch or bastard or who does not come home with many a story of rampant corruption, bullying, nepotism and unfair hiring and promotion practices.

Mass killings are unique to no culture. The term "running amok" is a Malaysian term and refers to temporary insanity on the part of young men striking out at society in frustration. There was a Chinese dude a few years back who stabbed over a hundred people, killing over 30!

In short, it is natural for men to bristle and fume under the toxic mind-slave matrix we live and work in. About a hundred years ago the elite men who ruled Western Society decided that their one and only threat was working class men of European Origin, so women were given the vote and tens of millions of paleface soldiers were fed into the father and son meat-grinders of European Suicide.

As in Plantation America, the greatest enemy of elite "white" men is perceived as being lower class "white" men, men with something to be gained and little to be lost. In the 1960s measures were enacted to replace "white" men with men of other races, and to emasculate all men through Great Society programs. One of the tools for this, a tool that is regarded as eminently disposable, is the African American criminal, who has been given free reign in dozens of U.S. cities where European American men have forbidden to defend themselves and men of African Descent are excused in the most racist terms.

The fact that "black" men are never regarded as having agency, are always claimed to be acting according to some form of oppression and lack of privilege, is clinically patronizing. The many liberal, elite "white" Americans and their African American mind-slaves, who claim that "black" men who shoot three or more people are mere abused children of the State, lashing out mindlessly at social injustice and that "white" killers doing the same are plotting in diabolic conclave as some kind of evil genius race, are saying the following:

-That a black man killed by a black man is not a loss, because the dead had no human value and the killer had no human agency,

-That white killers are evil geniuses and that non-white people who are killed only have value as objects of violent "white supremacy" and are worth nothing until they are killed by a "white" man and consecrated as a martyr at the hands of that evil god the paleface.

This view is an affront, an attack and a condemnation of all people of color as subhuman and all white men except for the anointed elite as famished wolves upon the unworthy fold of sub-humanity, leaving, in any sane reading of tis value system, only elite "whites" as human beings. This is the most violently racist attack on people not of European descent imaginable and portends two things:

-That so-called "white" men will not long be tolerated as holders of "rights" and

-That all men will, if his view of society continues, eventually be marked as a pariah caste in a multi-gender future, barred from all but the very top rung of the social hierarchy, which will be occupied by a secretly bred and selected oligarchic caste of sterile males which will be bred and indoctrinated by human birthing corporations.

Yep, I'm crazy.

But remember, you heard it here and it will happen, baring a population-culling natural disaster.

My law enforcement view of what the future will be like was written in the novelette, Organa, in 2012 and expanded into novella form in 2015. Since then, the rapid change of events has convinced me that I was right on with my prediction but way off on the time line, with that dystopic world already halfway here.

Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson

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