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‘Who Has Been Rude to You?’
‘During Your Urban Exodus Odyssey?’: Sensei Steve Wants to Know

“It seems life is never what we plan—some better, some worse. For instance, I never imagined I’d be running a successful karate school. Then again I never imagined that my city would be nearly unlivable—that thugs on ATVs and dirt bikes thundering through my neighborhood would be declared officially above the law by the women that run the city. Look around. There are hardly any patrons and they’re old and there is no place you could sit down and eat in the City Limits [a quarter-mile south]. So you say that all these places out west and even using mass transit, people were cordial. Who wasn’t? What kind of people were rude to you?”

-Sensei Steve, at a dying Baltimore County Restaurant as the police helicopter circled overhead, Sunday, 5:00 p.m., 6/9/19

High Country

Not a soul was rude in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming or Montana, except for one mudshark who seemed insulted that she would be eating with her ebony sex slave among polite palefaces.

1 seething she ghost

Portland, Oregon

Of the scores of clerks, barkeeps, servers, patrons and pedestrians those who were rude were:

A 40-something barmaid at a heavy metal-themed bar, a hard ghost wench who took one look at how I was dressed and told me it wasn’t happy hour yet! She also laughed at me when I was surprised that her bar had wifi for customer use.

A 30-something ghost wench, rating a 4 on my forgiving scale, was working a register at a dollar store when I entered at 9 a.m. and said, “Miss, I will be buying over twenty-dollars’ worth of groceries, but all I have is a fifty. Is that a problem?”

She responded, “If you’re just going to spend a dollar so we’ll break a fifty we’re not having it!”

I spent the 3 one dollar bills in my wallet and went and had coffee and a muffin with General Grant instead of buying groceries.

In Portland, even the negroes were polite, except when menstruating behind the wheel and they merely behaved like everybody behind the wheel in the East. The only people who sped up in their cars to beat me through a crosswalk were two ebony wenches.

2 seething she ghosts

2 rancid oil wells

Eastern Trains and Stations

Of about 30 Amtrak employees…

Three ebony wenches and one ebon warrior were openly mean to me in the East, about one third of the ten-odd ebon Amtrak employees I dealt with there. One third were polite and one third were extra special nice.

By comparison, in Baltimore, not counting ebony unicorns, one third of these folk are openly hostile, one third rude and uncivil and the other third surely and barely civil.

1 smoldering coal stack

3 rancid oil wells

Western Trains and Stations

Of about 40 Amtrak employees…

A single ebon man was rude to me on a racial basis, greeting working whites with smoldering, muted hostility, sneering at my $1 tip, greeting wealthy whites with pompous condescension and heralding the few ebon passengers with shuck-and-jive high-fives.

Do note that the single most civil, helpful and dutiful Amtrak employee was an ebon station manager in Salt Lake City.

1 smoldering coal stack

Rudeness Score

Ghost men, Latinos, Latinas, Asians and Asianettes were all perfectly civil on the rails and beyond the Mississippi Valley.

2 Smoldering coal stacks

3 Barren ghost cunts

5 Rancid oil wells

It is interesting to note that the only type of person that is vilified in the media as evil by nature is the most likely to be civil, kind and caring on the rails and beyond the Mighty Miss. The proportion of eastern hostility, rudeness and surly civility among the rude are essentially the same as in Baltimore, sweltering sewer of hate. But in the west mass transit rudeness is made almost non-existent by the scarcity of those who tend to be most rude, with the scale among their small number sliding from hostile-rude-surly in the east to surly-civil-saint in the west, which is quite a steep shift.

Thriving in Bad Places

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