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Coffee Cavalier
Crackpot Mailbox: Nero the Pict with the High Tech Dark Age News
According to my reading of Plantation America, there remains no better example of the behavior of 17th Century English gentry than the Postmodern Mystery Meat swag thug. Below is an example supplied by our longtime correspondent, Nero the Pict.
Nero the Pict
Here is the video of the coffee hued cavalier that we partook of the other evening. The police report buttresses your observation that a great many of these "youths" are not in fact abject street urchins but in fact scions of solidly middle class parentage. Manheim Township is one of the wealthier areas of Lancaster County.
To his credit the Mocha Marauder chose Howard Ave. A pretty rough stretch of Lancaster City to roleplay as an urban warrior.
Hopefully watching this video will teach your readers that chanting the incantation "Dude Dude Dude...." will not get dat Reparations Agent to disappear in a fog of Grape flavored Swisher Sweet smoke.
Take care brother man,
-Nero the Pict
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