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The Bribery Abyss
Crackpot Mailbox: Polymachus Submits a Deep State Theory for Crackpot Investigation
Thoughts on Blackmail
Fri, Aug 16, 12:49 PM (4 days ago)
I submit the following for investigation.
My personal thoughts on blackmail.
•Past a certain amount of income, people aren't motivated by money. This is how poor people think and it doesnt apply to the ultra wealthy.
◦Instead they are motivated by status, legacy, vision, ego, etc.
◦Bribery therefore is a depreciating form of coercion
◦Are you bribing me or am I extorting you? -Depends whose power is growing.
◦Like the Goths or the Danes, bribery always becomes extortion.
◦Eventually you will no longer be able to pay
◦Assume a smart blackmailer
◦Like any form of investing, most of your dividend should be spent on growing the investment, especially in the beginning
◦Therefore, once you blackmail someone, your next move should be to coerce them into compromising situations, giving you even more blackmail material
◦Eventually you own a person, his family, his inner circle, and his network
◦Blackmail is an appreciating form of coercion
◦If you are blackmailed, your only recourse is to gather compromising material on your blackmailer, for mutually assured destruction
◦You can't engineer compromising situations for other people without eventually compromising yourself
◦Therefore, everyone who blackmails is eventually blackmailed
◦Therefore, blackmail networks have a tendency to grow
◦This growth is further compounded by the need to protect the network by compromising anyone with the power to expose it, or placing its members in those positions
◦The need to stabilize this process creates a vacuum best filled by or secret societies, rituals, initiations, beliefs out of step with the electorate, etc.
◦These rituals will always gravitate towards whatever society deems forbidden
◦The issue that is difficult to square is the push for pedophilia acceptance coinciding with unmasking of pedophilia networks. If you had comprising material on someone, you wouldn't want that material to lose its stigma
◦Therefore, pedophilia acceptance is largely a push by people trapped inside mutual blackmail networks, looking for a way out
◦This confirms the hypothesis of mutual blackmail networks
◦Therefore, in an age of loosening social mores, we can assume largely mutual blackmail networks
◦Therefore, in an age of tightening social mores, which are more rare but usually dramatic, we can assume unidirectional blackmail hierarchies
◦The general push towards loosening social mores suggests that mutual blackmail networks have existed for a long time
◦Slippery slope is bullshit
◦It's more like an empty elevator shaft
◦Control of key political and media figures is the path to power
◦Blackmail is stronger than bribery
◦Republicanism gives way to blackmail networks
◦Republicanism requires a constant shifting of moral frameworks
◦This shifting has no relationship to the moral frameworks required for societal survival, dooming it to settle on a self-destructive moral framework
Cryptockrackerological Analysis
Polymachus, we have been gifted with a view of the rent veil, glimpsing the shadowy fiends that skulk behind the social scenes for no other purpose than our damnation and torment, by which they gain all that they viciously desire. Your breakdown of the analysis of bribery and blackmail is, I think, superior to any other articulation of corruption that I have read.
Your view of Republicanism has long been mine, and I think, points to the doom of civilization as growing from a seed imbedded within it's framework. Any lucid reading of history demonstrates that the state, the nation, the government of a people, is a malevolent construct erected for no other purposes than the following:
-Pillaging a subject population without eradicating it, so that the ruling elite may
-Cultivate a subject population for ongoing tax farming via hierarchal social mechanisms, which necessitates
-Control of the subject population via lateral social mechanisms such as high caste solidarity, secret societies and most importantly ideology—religious, civic and materialistic.
The first conquerors to encounter settled communities slew all the men, took the women and children as chattel and settled down to ply their predatory way of nomadic life to the domestication of the subject population, being the orphaned and bastard sons of the slaughtered and raped indigenes. This occurred all around the world, but most intensively in Europe, The Middle East and the Asian littoral, as wave after wave of barbarian peoples emerged from the steppes and conquered now established states.
Eventually the increased scale of such states cultivated a large population of non-warrior males, effectively not men by primal definitions. Once this situation had evolved than it was wasteful for a conqueror to slaughter all the males, as they were not reproductive or warrior rivals. Henceforth, best illustrated by the racially stratified nations of Latin America and the conquests of Alexander the Great, one conquered a nation by cutting the head off and replacing it. Note that when Alexander fought warrior tribes he either won them over as subordinate allies or committed genocide. The feudal systems of Japan and Europe in the Middle Ages were classic examples of such slave societies, with enslavement of the productive population achieved by episodic lateral conflict between elites and maintained by denying masculine [read warrior] status to the common man and maintaining lateral solidarity among the elite.
Such aristocratic nation states are traditionally maintained vie seeded earth religions, revealed faiths focused on sacrifice and illuminating a heavenly order mirrored by the world below. As subjects become more intelligent and inquisitive, ideological maintenance of the subject populations develops along a descending scale of efficacy:
-The state is depicted as the steward under heaven, charged with ensuring the welfare of an ethnically identified population. The image of the people as livestock, the ruler a shepherd and his goon squads the sheep dogs is so very common to this, coming from its Aryan origins, that this metaphor persists through the devolution of ideology from metaphysic to civic to materialistic. As the metaphysics of revelatory faiths were based upon the imposition of such faiths by animal-herding nomad warriors upon settled farmers than the "Good Shepherd" metaphor for God never loses relevance, but is strengthened as God becomes conflated with government in the Civic Phase and then, in the Materialistic Phase, Man—and therefore his governance and cultivation—becomes the End Time Jesus or Osiris as a sacral image reflecting the benevolence of heaven, with End Time heaven believed to be a place further along the deteriorating time line that may be shaped by Man-as-God to house his own evolved soul.
The rapid deterioration of the peace-of-mind of the humans controlled by such materially evolving and metaphysically devolving social organisms has various effects on the body politic which make for such an interesting study of End Time conditions:
-The abandonment of the state's role as steward of an ethnicity, which has only been maintained my monarchs, and even then in the minority of state progressions, sows distrust in the Hierarchal systems and reduces faith in the heaven that is supposedly mirrored on earth, leading to
-Civic ideology increases the strength of lateral elite society and crypto-agents such as bankers in relation to the residual hierarchy, which becomes a literal puppet organism, leading to disenchantment among the subject population, which leads to a sociological split into dissenting macro-factions
-Emotively lateral sheeple flocking towards the ever-expanding pastures of post-national macro-materialistic nirvana in an abject embrasure of their extinction
-Emotively hierarchal sheeple huddling in diminished folds, inwardly seeking to regain or maintain their reviled distinction.
In the end they are all just sheep, frantically bleating for a shepherd that will not castrate them, shear them or slaughter them, their entire psychology dedicated to embracing the opposite of reality.
I cannot mourn the passing of such races, but instead prefer to wish well to the wolves among men, who alone, see the world for what it is.
As for Heaven and the supernatural, it is unlikely that any faction of the supernatural wishes humanity well, for that deity, devil or angel will be unto Man what the shepherd, wolf and dog are to sheep—and all of these torment and kill sheep.
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