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'Looks Like the Girls Like Him Too'
Crackpot Mailbox: The Plight of Igor Zinoviev
Epstein bodyguard
Lynn Lockhart
Fri, Aug 16, 1:14 AM (5 days ago)
This interview shows the difference between a rich scumbag and an honorable fighter.
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
I would like to comment on this article, which should be read by any young fighter or security operative. When I did facility security and the one time I did close protection, I found myself in a strange place, taking instructions from employers who were—due to being female—emotively incapable of not obstructing my efforts to protect them. The recent fate of Kim Kardashian's bodyguard, tasked with protecting that zipper-headed piece-of-ass and another bimbo as they made it hard for him at every turn, is a case in point. Close protection of men is always easier, but comes with higher liabilities de to the nature of such powerful men and their connections.
I watched an off brand of No-Holds-Barred combat in the 1990s, a rival of the UFC sponsored by the scumbag who owned Penthouse Magazine and did have some outstanding ring card girls. I was thrilled to see on this card, a man in his late 20s who was not a favorite, had been brought in by the promoter to lose to Mary Sperry "The Zen Machine." That man was Igor, former captain of the Russian Sambo [read dirty Judo] Team. He made short work of the world's best Wing Chun fighter after he "did a Houdini" escaping from a hold by Sperry and destroyed the Brazilian veteran.
As noted, Igor began his career fighting under a pornographer's banner and until recently was the personal bodyguard of the world's most prolific sex fiend and female child trafficker. This is congruent with prize-fighting history. In ancient Rome gladiators were the equivalent of prostitutes, and would actually be pimped out by their owners to service powerful women sexually and guard powerful men.
In postmodern times, strippers—who often hook on the side—are employed by the same fight promoters that pay the fighters that these strippers date, with the promoter sometimes employing the strippers as barmaids or dancers and the fighters as doormen and bouncers.
In reading the interview transcribed above four things become obvious and bear on the conduct of fighters under their patrons as well as their plight being caught between two obscene fires, the perverted elite and the depraved press.
-Just as a powerful woman employing a bodyguard will want him to have sex with her, a powerful man employing a dangerous actor will want to train with, socially converse with and swap stories with his protector, no different than the beleaguered King who wished Beowulf to dine with him at banquet and not just slay Grendel. The women you protect want to swap bodily fluids and the men want to swap stories and opinions. The male employer wishes he was you and wants some of your mojo and the female employer wishes she wasn't so powerful that the men she yearns to be dominated by shy away in fear of her social status and will want you to be their Lancelot to their cucked Arthur.
-A certain level of resentment will exist in the employer's heart unless they are comfortable with their status. A dominating daddy figure like Trump would be the dream job, where most politicians treat their security details like shit. The only U.S. President from LBJ down to Clinton who treated their Secret Service detail with respect was Gerald Ford, a man who had been placed in office and had not had to crawl before his Deep State masters. Epstein demonstrated a high level of resentment for Igor and used to make fun of him in front of the young whores, for he certainly know, as all rich perverts do, that the real masculine currency for a woman one has sex with is the ability to protect her once you have bridged the gap into her inner life, not the ability to provide material, which dominates the outer life of the woman.
-Igor, like most direct actionists, live by an honor code, and he seems to have leaned on this internal feature by giving his boss advice on staying out of trouble, as he clearly stated that if his boss got a hold of his daughter, that he would kill him. The knowledge that your boss is evil can only be tolerated for an extended engagement if the protector finds a way to offer honorable and moral advice and attempts to protect the boss from his inner self as well as from the outer world. An example of successfully doing this may be found with the figures of Enkidu, Roland and Beowulf, where Achilles and Odysseus failed to positively effect the honor deficit of their boss Agamemnon, to the doomful detriment of all three.
-The postmodern press, having replaced the bardic class of epic, is functionally its opposite. For the media is dedicated to reducing honorable men to villains and lackeys and otherwise insuring the inferior masses of emasculated men and unfulfilled women that the man of action is fundamentally retarded. Igor doesn't seem to understand that the reporter came to him with an agenda which included his scapegoating and character assassination. Even as the scumbag reporter tries to smear Igor, and, like any gossip hound, misreads Igor's attempt to protect those around him by not gossiping, all Igor seems to be conscious of is the fact that the reporter might be in danger for running his mouth and seeks to advise him against following the Epstein rabbit hole to its toxic source.
For any of our friends, readers or fighters, who might find themselves in the position of protecting a powerful person, please keep in mind that the foremost aspect of this duty is to protect them from themselves and that failure to do this places you in as much jeopardy as if you were using your body to shield your principal from a gunman. This is really the age old plight of the hero, to be the burnished shield of the King, at once charged with protecting him and avoiding the tarnish of infamy.
The title quote is found in the video commentary during Igor's walk to the cage in the video below.
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
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Mike_CAugust 25, 2019 1:24 AM UTC

How did Igor end up working for Epstein? Was he a multigenerational Zinoviev, or more like his namesake Grigory Zinoviev who was born Hersch Apfelbaum? I don’t expect you to know this necessarily, but it’s not a rhetorical question either.
responds:August 25, 2019 5:38 AM UTC

I bet my back hair that Epstein met him through the scumbag that owned Penthouse magazine and put Igor on his Extreme Fighting promotion back in the 1990s.
Bryce SharperAugust 22, 2019 12:09 PM UTC

"-Igor, like most direct actionists, live by an honor code, and he seems to have leaned on this internal feature by giving his boss advice on staying out of trouble, as he clearly stated that if his boss got a hold of his daughter, that he would kill him. "

I don't usually associate Russians with honor. The guy was willing to be paid by someone he knew was the king of Sodom, hence his warning to Epstein that he'd kill him if he ever got ahold of his daughter.

This guy is a likely accessory to Epstein's crimes and should be buried in the same pit as Epstein.
responds:August 23, 2019 2:48 AM UTC

Igor's base dilemma is, that under modernity, he may only serve the manipulators. Every soldier in the American military serves godless evil, but they can still do so with honor, or without.

Honor and good have no direct relationship.