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'Oh, Snap'
Crackpot Mailbox: Two Wrong Victim Stories from Jeremy Bentham and Big Ron with Crackpot Color Commentary
Baskin-Robbins Employee Turns The Tables On Bandit
Thu, Aug 22, 12:40 AM (1 day ago)
Interesting case of an alert shop clerk thwarting an attempted robbery at knife point.
WATCH: Baskin-Robbins Employee Steals Knife, Fends Off Armed Robber
When a knife-wielding assailant attempted to rob the store, a Baskin-Robbins employee quickly turned the tables, saving a coworker and stopping the threat.
By Personal Defense World
Battle Babe in Soy Boy Land
A man punched her and tried to steal her cellphone — then quickly realized he was messing with a Golden Gloves boxer
2:21 PM (19 minutes ago)
This is who you want as your babies' mama
take care
big ron
Cryptocrackerology Analysis
The little Asian hero at the Baskin Robins counter seems to have been using a combination of Taekwondo punching and Wing Chun low kicks, keeping the weapon in the rear hand for maximum retention. FMA purists will note that he could have neck stabbed, hand slashed, etc. But multiple strikes with a knife in American legal terms makes you the aggressor. This is not Luzon or Cebu City, it is The Matrix.
Great job against a much larger and effectively armored aggressor!
The 152-pound amateur boxer babe was waylaid in classic ebon warrior fashion, with a teen fronting for a young man, making both of these encounters classic Dark Age Ebon on Ghost aggression. The news story reports this attack as "a fight" suggesting a mutual combat and argument when the act was pure predation, correctly serving The System and also obscuring the identity of the attackers, classifying them by age and not race.
Note, that although this fine boxer is 152 pounds at competition weight, which is quite large for a woman, she did not incapacitate her adult male attacker or his accomplice, whom her and the news and the police failed to mark as an actor in the attack. This all means, that if it were two typical ebon men she would have been brutally beaten and probably stomped. Even in this poorly executed attack in which she was targeted as a weak-willed ghost person, she did not incapacitate with punches. If she were the average 120 pound female boxer she may not have succeeded.
However, she did an excellent job and succeeded where most of the sissy drones of her degenerate race would have pleaded with their ebon master, "Dude, dude, dude, I'm not a racist!"
Good for her.
Do note, that in neither of these cases would the defenders have been likely to escape criminal charges if they had used a lethal weapon to counter and incapacitate these attacks by much larger and in one case more numerous aggressors. It is important to know that incapacitating a criminal actor by any means, including a choke or punch, is felonious, even if one is a police officer in the line of duty. Law Abiding citizens, you have been designated as fair game by The State, which has given all imaginable advantages to the criminal. Potential defenders need to learn the use of tactical spacing and improvised weapons. A girl with a good right hand like that could be taught to crack skulls with a hand umbrella in about six months and KO with a rolled boxing catalogue in 6 weeks.
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
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Mike_CAugust 26, 2019 11:16 AM UTC

I trust that the irony of the attempted iPhone robbery happening in Bucktown is not lost on anyone.

Though a least-effort web search suggests that the neighborhood came by its name because many <i>goats</i> were kept there at one time....
responds:August 27, 2019 9:02 PM UTC

It was lost on this knucklehead until now—thanks!