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The Tipping Point
Colin Flaherty Does Not Know it, But Just Documented the Fort Sumpter of the Comming Race War
When an ebon man is killed in an American city the greater community rarely cares and his immediate community cares even less, refusing to help the police with the investigation.
But when a ghost person gets snuffed the greater community and his community care and call for action. This has been well understood for decades, that no one of any race cares if an ebon man is slain and that ghost people care when a ghost man is slain.
Furthermore, investigations of ghost killings progress quickly as witnesses cooperate, giving the appearance to the idiot masses that ghosts don't care about ebons when in fact it is the ebons that do not care about the ebons.
This single event, the random execution of a citizen by a criminal, a ghost by a shadow, is the flashpoint for American Race War and for the European American genocide. For, according to the media, ebon citizens and even ghost citizens in the town where a reparations recovery agent gunned down a guilty ghost for the crime of being born with pale skin, the fact that a "white" man's death has been investigated in a timely fashion with community cooperation, compared to the nowhere investigations of murdered "black" men in which his friends and family typical obstruct the police investigation is tantamount to a hate crime.
Listen up, white rabbits, when you are killed in the future, it will be effectively against police procedure to investigate your death because you have been labeled "white."
We are definitively in the lengthening shadow of the first known high tech dark age on this ape-infested planet.
Harm City Hoodrats hit stats:
24 murders in the last 25 days with 220 kills on the year.
Interestingly, only 2 of the 24 murdered souls in Baltimore this August were "black."
The other 22 are "race unknown."
Right on White Time: The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens
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