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Power versus Truth and Strength
Crackpot Mailbox: Another Dialogue with a Big Brained Nimbus Reader
The powerful's war on truth and strength (from Carlos)
Aug 21, 2019, 12:44 AM (4 days ago)
Hey James, two thoughts I had that occured to me after reading some of your articles, particularly on civilization.
1) It recently occured to me that power and strength are not the same thing. As time has gone on, I've seen who is considered dangerous in this society be people of weaker and weaker type, to the point where now thought criminals are the most demonized, more so than even violent criminals (unless this violence is related to some thought crime). Then an idea hit me, that as civilization itself corrupts the rulers of a society diminishing their strength of mind, body, and spirit, so too must these rulers diminish the strength of their ruled over flock, else they would pose a threat. So even though the rulers lack strength in all ways imaginable, they maintain this structure of power called civilization by weakening the mass of people correspondingly. What are your thoughts on this theory of decline ?
James: Carlos, this would not surprise an ancient Aryan warrior. Civilization is, as a process, the weakening of a people under the rule of an elite that stays strong. This strength disparity is depicted in the Epic of Gilgamesh in the story's very premise. I quote below from my adaptation He:
He is King
He: Book One—The People and The Gods
He swaggers through His city, arrogant, his head raised with pride, crushing his subjects under heel like a wild bull.*
He is King.
He takes what he will, takes the father’s son to crush, takes the mother’s girl to use, and the warrior’s daughter, even the young man’s bride—he uses her.
No one dares deny Him.
The people of Uruk prayed so that their lament was heard in Heaven, where the gods are not entirely cruel. The hearts of the gods were touched. They went to their father, Anu, to whom Uruk was sacred, and spoke to him of the lament of its people:
“Father of Heaven, Gilgamesh—excellent though he is—has broken trust with the people who suffer his lusts. The people wail that he takes the father’s son and crushes him, takes the mother’s girl to use, and the warrior’s daughter, even the young man’s bride—he uses her.”
“No one dares deny Him.”
“Father, is this rule you approve of, your shepherd* ravaging his own flock?”
“Act swiftly, before we are overcome with mortal sorrow wafting up with their wretched wails.”
Carlos, in a world where the gods are usually cruel Man is able to speak of what is real and not fear to describe what he sees with his own eyes, even if it contradicts the social myth of social goodness. You see, the people of Sumer, obviously recently conquered in their grain farming pens by a nomad race of herders, knew that they were at the base of a predation matrix. The way such elites stayed strong was to maintain their culture, primarily eating meat while their subjects ate grain. The ages old prohibition against hunting in Europe and its reservation for the elite was the Aryan method of segregation from their human herd.
Note that in the late 1800s, in the Zulu wars, the British soldier, raised on grain like cattle, was five and-a-half-feet tall, while his Zulu enemy, fed on beef, was six-feet-tall and his own officer, fed on a mixed diet, was five-foot-eleven-inches. These looked like three races of people. Robert E. Howard, in his Bran Mak Morn, Conan and Kull stories pays homage to the ancient European tradition that was rule by warriors of another race. The example above can be found discussed in ore detail in Eggerton's Like Lions They Fought. This simple stature triangulation explains what civilization does to the nomad conqueror and the primal hunter. I have yet to find a warrior society in Eurasia in which the same ethnic group was split into meat-fed and grain-fed castes, though I suspect they existed. Rather, the meat-eating nobility ruled over the descendants of those they conquered, like the Normans ruling the English and taking the better part of a millennia to become English themselves and start lisping and eating crackers, speaking their own ruling language for the first few hundred years.
In Amerindian civilizations their does appear to be same race dietary segregation, especially among the Aztecs who were a grain fed and meat-starved people with the nobility maintaining their dominance by actually eating the under class and enemy nobility.
As you noted, civilization evolves as a human manipulation mechanism and develops a systemic instinct to suppress internal strength and thought lest the two never come to rest in the same person as dissent—or God forbid, the same faction of rebels. There is no coincidence in the fact that the target of all current State and Media propaganda is the "Whiteman," even though this reviled creature, who, according to the current narrative maliciously engineered every one of the earth's ill's, has actually been indoctrinated to believe that the very system that hates him for his very potential represents his best interests!
I think what you describe is an instinctive and well-founded fear response consistently demonstrated by aspects and members of The System of Human Domestication whenever it encounters individual agency. Criminals do not threaten the government, they buttress it in many ways seen and unseen. But a group of strong men with high intelligence and vision is essentially the recipe for toppling a state from within.
2) Related to the war on the strength of the flock, it seems to me is the war on truth. For example, those who deny free will (commie nerds) have most likely never been in a fight where their will to win and survive overpowered their opponents. I consider fighting to be an activity that exposes the truth, that being who's strongest mentally, physically, and spiritually to win a fight. I also found things like math and science pursuits of the truth if done with the right intent. So in your reading of history, and from your personal experiences, what are activities that engage one in truth, despite living in a lie?
James: Carlos, my very good friend, Doctor Dread, who has already done a podcast with Lynn yet to be aired, founded an MMA club for boys in a Catholic high school and the motto of the club was "Seeking the Truth in Combat," the truth about yourself, the truth about dynamic interactions and the truth about others. This was a school based on the prospect of the Student-Athlete-Scholar-Warrior, developing the man with 360 degrees of human vision instead of the normal 90. This man must serve or be erased by the ruling class. Non-human means such as drones will eventually serve to entirely disenfranchise the human actionist. We are about halfway through the war on masculine agency, as you put it, truth and strength. Men must be hated by domestication systems just like the cattle herd must be shorn of most of its bulls who must be castrated to satisfy the need for control of the "good shepherd."
Modern States emerged from the feudal system in Europe beginning in 1648 at the Peace of Westphalia. State by state, the ruling elite outlawed dueling or heavily regulated it amongst their masculine subjects. By the time the industrial age really took off in Britain in the late 1700s you see that even boxing is now illegal. Later, in the 1830s, as industrialization took off in America boxing was an outlawed activity.
In summation, you are absolutely correct and the process of human domestication follows the following arc:
1-Tribes self-domesticate in river valleys where grain production pays high dividends and allows settled life, free of the perils of migration.
2-Nomad tribes who have domesticated animals conquer settled tribes and establish an ethnic-dietary slave hierarchy based on brute force.
3-Iterntional faiths emerge to legitimize multiple states and create super states or empires.
4-Industry [including plantation economics in the ancient and modern worlds] place frameworks for large scale external regimentation into common life.
5-Incresed population density favors the propagation of non-traditional faiths, in the forms of atheistic and political ideologies.
6-Information technology inserts frameworks for internal human regimentation, weakening and denaturing the human mind in the same fashion that switching from meat to grain-based diet weakens the human body.
7-Transmogrification, the final warping and corruption of humanity into bio-manufactured, transhuman and ultimately post human agents of The System of Human Domestication begins with transsexual surgery and, if the technological trajectory is not broken by a cataclysmic event or the extinction of those breeds of humans intelligent enough to become this kind of info-medical meat god, will result in post-human civilization where individual agency is regarded as a contaminant to be purged by social antibodies.
As the lesser races of man seem incapable of eradicating North Asians and Caucasians [with elite Caucasians actually being the ones managing and inciting Caucasian genocide] we are either headed for a cataclysmic reboot or a post-human thought farm, in which the synergy of thought and action in subjects of The System [likely to be post-national] will not be permitted. Only agents of The System will be permitted masculine agency, which is to say a synergy of strength and truth.
I predicted such an outcome in 2012, with the novelette Organa, which I expanded to a novella in 2016.
Organa: The Malfunction of Tray Sorenson
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PolymarchusAugust 26, 2019 12:08 PM UTC

In Search of Meat

I wandered, at first, in search of meat.

Now I serve the journey.

I then grew crops to ease my wanderings,

Now I serve the crops.

I built machines to harvest wheat.

Now I serve the machine.

I told a lie to grease the cogs.

Now I serve betrayal.

I twisted my body to live the lie.

Now I serve the twisted body -

and our twisted bodies are served.
responds:August 27, 2019 9:00 PM UTC

Very nice, going into our next dialogue.
Steve LovettAugust 26, 2019 1:05 AM UTC

A thing I can’t wrap my head around is that so many men willingly give up their right to self defense,not just willingly but seek to have the right taken from every man.But even worse to me is that men leave to the state the right to revenge their women when those are abused or molested in some way,any relatives should be revenged by a families menfolk but especially the women.

I use to hate the Iraqi insurgents and later the Taliban,but hell those people are only doing what men should properly be doing when their homelands are invaded and their families subjected to outrages by the invaders.As far as fighters go the Taliban are harder than woodpecker lips,there’s a lot of lessons to be learned from them,to bad most of them are illiterate.
responds:August 27, 2019 9:02 PM UTC

Thanks so much for these observations.

Will use this quote in an article I write today.