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'Autonomy and Self-Reliance'
Crackpot Mailbox: The Exile and James Discuss the Neo-Nazi Mania in the Fake News Lietopia
Neo-Nazi Scare in the Canadian Armed Forces
Fri, Aug 23, 11:44 AM (4 days ago)
A few days ago news broke out that Neo-Nazis might be infiltrating the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) in order to recruit for an upcoming race war. According to the article linked below, Reserve Master Corporal Mathews was being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for it's alleged ties to a Far-Right extremist group known as ''The Base".
While no charges have yet to be laid against Master Cpl. Mathews, it would appear that his Chain of Command has put him under scrutiny (read ''unpaid leave'') for the better part of the last 3 months while the investigation is ongoing. Needless to say, the higher-ups in the CAF have had their panties in a twist about this and are conducting damage control in the media to reassure the Canadian public that their military is not condoning such behaviors, that they will expunge their ranks from any such bad apples, and so on and so forth...
I know not whether this guy really is a Neo-Nazi or if this is an attempt by the Fake New apparatus in Canada to discredit and nip in the bud any kind of nationalistic sentiment within the public; I also wonder if the group mentioned above really is what it is reported to be since most of their advertisement seem to be more about self-reliance than wiping the streets clean of foreigners?
What do you make of this? Has the RCMP uncovered a spawning pool of raging White Supremacist or is this an attempt to disarm and beat further down any semblance of autonomy and self-reliance among Canadian males for The Woman?
Best regards,
- the Exile
Sir, while I am of the opinion that Mexico is where the U.S.A. is headed in terms of social spiral, I suspect that Canada provides a good template for how we are likely to get there, being one step more cucked than the U.S.A.
From what I have been able to gather about this story, what we have is a Canadian soldier who harbors Canadian sympathies and believes that men should defend their homeland and its noncombatants, not that he is infiltrating the Canadian Armed Forces for some nefarious purpose. However, he has become an enemy of The State for this reason, which tells us:
-Autonomy, or self-ownership, free will and individual determination, are the metaphysical foes of all tyrannies. So one might expect a collective of petty tyrants [read any Western State] to distrust people involved in cultivating notions of autonomy.
-Self-Reliance, under a regime addicted to achieving micro-control of the population with media scare tactics and increasing violent crime, is a dagger pointed at the heart of The State. Indeed, the entire law enforcement apparatus in the Western World is based on the premise that the individual man cannot defend himself or his loved ones and that groups of men bent on community defense can only be evil.
-Pro-Canadian sentiments are not welcome in the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces! This can only mean that the Canadian Armed Forces are now purposed for suppression of internal dissent and ethnic cleansing and population replacement. There is no other rational way to read the hatred that the U.S. and Canadian militaries have for patriotic soldiers and officers in their own ranks, than the conclusion that these militaries are intended for use against home populations. This sense is further supported by the fact that virtually all of the thirty-plus wars the U.S. and Canada are involved in are "police actions." That our militaries have been repurposed for police actions since 1992 should set off alarms in the minds of all but Cuckistani Sheeple.
Surely, mainstream media will characterize any evidence that members of Western militaries who are Caucasian and harbor nationalistic sympathies, as attempts by fascist militias to access training and intelligence by infiltrating the military. This is highly unlikely. Rather former military men, who do not switch to free-lance State contracting, have a tendency to become distrustful of government after making the transition back into civilian life for various reasons, from having witnessed government crimes from the inside to being attacked and reviled when returning from service.
However, it is well-known to anyone that studies urban American drug gangs and the failed state of Mexico, that many—perhaps even hundreds—of criminal organizations in the United States and Mexico infiltrate the military in order to obtain combat proficiency and develop a cadre of insurgent officers. This has been going on since the Vietnam War and the Federal, state and local law enforcement, as well as the militaries in question, have made very little effort to stop this, despite the widely known facts of this practice. The reason for this is two fold:
-These gang-military members are not Caucasian, and therefor not regarded as enemies of the State.
-Non-Caucasian gangs are of great importance to the coming cleansing of palefaces from North America and will be used as auxiliary paramilitary forces by American Federalies in displacing genetic criminals and rounding up and eliminating thought criminals.
For these overwhelming reasons I have long advocated not autonomy, but Fractional Autonomy, as described in my 2014 book Alienation Nation.
I trust your Exile remains comfortable.
Alienation Nation: Surviving Cultural Free Fall
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