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'My Cynical Ass'
Crackpot Mailbox: The Autumnal Son Wants to Know When Anarcho-Tyranny Will Ignite into Full-Blown Civic Trusticide
1:48 AM (18 hours ago)
So how many years left do you think we have of relative normalcy?
What I mean is how long do we have before things like hanging with friends in public, going to the gas station/dentist/shopping center or traveling to visit distant relatives will be a constant trial of seemingly running a blockade of both yutes and the po-po with antifa mixed in?
12:02 PM (8 hours ago)
You will like this one, especially the verdict at the end. Even my cynical ass was semi-shocked!
Someone in the comments (jiveturkey) actually spells out what you have been saying all along.
-The Autumnal Son
Relative Normalcy
Normalcy, for us domesticated inmates of the Lie of Liberty, means a high-trust society where people will not normally break civic rules to serve their own personal needs or those of some ethnic or religious faction, who must simply have its loyalty served rather than some abstract notion of nonbelligerent civility. Since this sense of normalcy is now relative, meaning not always but sometimes abided by, you are actually asking when the second foot will fall, when we will be beyond the rule of impartial law and when the law will instead serve real factional interests instead of the fantastical interests of some anonymous Atlantean Civilization.
The age of perception is roughly five, at which point little tykes come to understand who they should hate, reject, follow or emulate. Therefore, taking into account current reports of interracial hostility, police-on-Caucasian violence and the media blitz targeting ordinary "white" people as uniquely malicious and unpunished for legacy social crimes, combined with the high level of malleability among those targeted for hate propaganda, I place the following time line on a paleface person's inability to frequent mixed race gatherings with an assumption that they will not typically be targeted as hate criminals or justifiable targets of opportunity:
-2015: Baltimore City, Saint Louis, Detroit and other cutting edge blight zones, have already become places where one can kill and terrorize with impunity and that the high moral ground is regarded by the media and courts as belonging to "people of color."
-2020: Atlanta, Chicongo, LA, New Orleans and other viable municipalities will become places where hunting "whites" is tolerated.
-2024: All urban zones and those suburban zones abutting the early blight zones typical of the locations named above will become no-go zones for palefaces.
-2028: Small town rural America may expect to be subjected to caravans of entitled, violent, urban actors bent on imposing their privilege and will on the last semi-autonomous paleface enclaves in the interior of America.
-2032-Plus: European Americans will be essentially unpersoned as aspects of a guilted macro-racial collective and barred from licensing, voting and other privileges of citizenship, unless they sign articles of aggrievement in which each European American agrees that they are each individually responsible for the negative life outcomes of all people of color around the globe and are therefore bound to serve the victims of their ancestral guilt in perpetuity. This should coincide with mass migrations of South Americans, Asians and Africans in excess of the European American population. These folk will, like the 17th and 18th century English before them, flood the continental U.S. and lay claim to a jubilee nation, where evil no longer reigns and good is upheld by the perpetual bondage of the scions of History's most evil race, the only race to have no ethnic or moral distinction, the vile Whiteman, fated to be worked into the Dust of Ages.
Video Postscript
The douche bag pale face arguing with a queen about her occupying a handicapped space outside a convenience store and not watching his 9 O'clock got what he deserved when he was blind-sided, and the ebon Kang acting as the queen's slave boy, got what he deserved when he was shot. For the record, after shoving the wimpy paleface to the ground the ebon warrior lifted his shirt, indicating to any rational observer that he was about to draw a weapon.
As for the pallid whore who objected to her sacrifice to the ebon god, she should have realized that she only possesses one value in the multi-cultural marketplace of ideas and if she was not willing to complete the sacrament implied by her arrival at the motel, she could expect to be thrown into the media volcano.
Paleface Sunset: A Guide to Cultural Resistance in the Age of Felonious
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