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'Anger about this Dying Age'
Crackpot Mailbox: The Autumnal Son and James Discuss the Metaphyisics and Physics of Anger
1:56 AM (18 hours ago)
I understand controlling your anger for tactical reasons and maybe for dealing with the much overrated frails, but you don't seem to feel anger much about anything. Most men, and not feminized ones are going to have anger about this dying age. Even Indian warriors got angry, so what place does it have in the overall scheme of things?
-The Autumnal Son
Anger's Proper Place
Do we really think ancient warriors were perpetually and uncontrollably angry at the wind, the rain, the cold, the sun, the fickle fate of nations and the will of the gods?
Or did they have disciplines and religious or social methods for diverting their attention from the tides of Fate and Time to focus on what they could effect?
Any man who permits anger to dominate his life is not living the life defined as a man's path by any traditional Aryan or Eastern Amerindian society I have studied. Even in ancient slave societies and Plantation America, it was the duty of women and slaves to carry the anger and the men to be free of it. Why do you think women and slaves were tasked with torture?
To free free men [read warriors] from the pollution of hurting the helpless so that they could focus on hurting the deadly. For this reason slaves served as executioners from Maryland, to England, to Morocco to Arabia and some of the pound-for-pound best warriors in history, the Eastern Woodland Indians, had a code against rape of women, not because they set women high up on a pedestal like some orbiting beta-boy, but because no woman was worthy of the warrior's bad intentions unless it was to kill her to shut her up or because she would not carry her load or as a sacrifice to his faith. Many tribal men did engage in torture in past times, but, like the Russian paratroopers in Berlin, who committed no atrocities and warned the German women that the Commissars and Asians were coming to rape them, and the German soldiers who executed their own men if they raped Russian women, the most effective warriors do not bathe in their anger and spew it, but bank it for a driving force.
Do we wish to emulate the warrior elite or the political police, slave torturers, vicious squaws and camp followers of past times?
Do we want to be honorable warriors or Baltimore City Cops in our mind?
Do you really think that the whining, complaining, hand-wringing, justice-seeking ideologues of THE SHOULD, play fighting like women in the streets of Portland, are as whole in a masculine sense as William Wallace, Attila the Hun of Geronimo?
You have mentioned the tactical effects of anger, mostly, but not always, being negative but there I a good reason for anger, a few actually.
The basic purpose of anger is to bring the angry to immediate action in spontaneous situations where time for thought and consideration will spell doom. This is not to say that anger is optimal, when training is better. But among the untrained and undisciplined the angry savage will prevail against man and beast about half the time—all other things being equal—where the considerate, civilized, philosopher will fail almost always to rise to the spontaneous occasion.
Anger effects our performance as survivors and combatants at three levels:
-Tactically, immediate action against the enemy
-Strategically, plans and methods for deploying for tactical action or its denial
-Ideologically, your motivation, justification and absolution for actions taken against others
Anger's Crooked Place: Tactically
Let us imagine three combatants, equal in all physical ways, in a cage fight:
-an angry aborigine
-a stayed philosopher
-a professional fighter
The aborigine eats the philosopher's face and the trained fighter calmly KOs the maniac or chokes him out, or breaks his leg or arm...doing whatever he likes.
In a tactical situation, against a dog attack, anger is better than nothing, but against training it is often worse than nothing. The reason being is that the warrior and the savage are both using anger, the savage as his motivation and battle plan and the warrior just as his motivation, relying on training and the uniquely cultivated ability too think at the speed of sound during combat while the purely angry savage or feral modern is trying to use his motivating impulse as battle plan and tool kit, doomed to prevail only by luck against a determined warrior.
-the angry fighter is incapable of tactical flexibility, stuck with a rigid modality
-unaware of peripheral developments, like more dogs
-and tires at roughly the same rate as a terrified person or noncombatant, generally suffering a ten-fold reduction in sustained action
-once the angry man has succeeded he also suffers a severe come down, due to his hyper-agitated state and will be much reduced in combat effectiveness and possibly incapable of becoming angry again in the short term. For instance, he might fight off his attackers and then be unable to note first responders approaching or be left in an essentially vulnerable stat. Managing armies of amateur soldiers in past times called for minimizing contact for units who had to operate on anger as they lost effectiveness rapidly in contact with the enemy.
Anger and the Warrior: Strategically
The way to use anger is to bank that flaming fire in your brain down into your guts and use it as fuel, not as a replacement for discipline or a corruption of thought, but as an inner force that sustains you morally over the course of a long struggle. Boxing, for instance, has been used as a disciplinary tool for over 4,000 years, in which the boxer learns to stay calm under circumstances in which normal men would be driven to anger or cowardice. Boxing has only arisen as an adjunct to dueling cultures and highly disciplined infantry cultures.
The only known example of an angry champion boxer is Marvin Haggler.
Two fighters known to be fearful in the ring, Jack Dempsey and Mike Tyson, each had a ritual gift for turning their fear into dynamite anger and ripping through the ranks of the heavyweight division.
Let's examine these three standout angry warriors in detail, as they managed to fuse anger and discipline, where most boxer learn to bank their anger and rely on discipline, which is self-encrypted instinct, as useful to the skilled fighter as an animal's instincts are to it on the hunt.
Haggler is the best middleweight ever to lace on gloves and admitted to fighting angry to a reporter when he described how he was under constant threat by the ten most dangerous men in his division, always gunning to take what was his.
Haggler actually brought anger into the ring, but a simmering kind, a relaxed, relentless, moral justification to beat piss out of any challenger, something far more controlled than the anger of a man who is not doing something he has practiced for tens of thousands of ours.
That said, Haggler could never have challenged larger champions, knew that his kind of fighter would be stopped cold by a big man and was also frustrated by two smaller, crafty men, who he barely beat, Leonard and Duran.
Yes, Haggler was the perfect middleweight war machine, but was outwitted by smaller men and incapable of stepping up to the big men. Would we want to rage across the stage of our lives like Haggler when we are outnumbered by smaller criminals and lawyers and outweighed and outgunned by police departments thousands strong?
No, Haggler was an anomaly in terms of placing anger—his gas tank—out front and could only operate like this because he had twice the stamina and discipline of his opponents.
No boxing flames ever burned brighter than those of Tyson and Dempsey, who swept all before them due to the coupling of freakish athleticism, raging ferocity and some of the hardest punches known to man—and were then stopped cold by more disciplined, lighter hitting men, calmly standing their ground and shutting down these lions of the ring like a big game hunter with his weapon stopping a lion.
Do you outnumber the ebon warriors in your city, the cops, antifa?
No, you do not, so you have to be the hunter, unleashing rage in controlled bursts from among your banked power reserves of smoldering anger controlled deep within the hardened walls of your discipline, whatever it is, from sniping to boxing.
Do deer hunters and military snipers rage about, fuming at the deer or at the enemy, shaking their fist, flexing and snarling in rage, or do they calculate and execute their discipline?
To summarize, anger only has use strategically as a harnessed realization that enemy forces are arrayed against you and that your primal fear is then converted to anger like crude oil to gasoline and then drawn on with your own moral, internal combustion engine, framed and given focus by your honor code and discipline, and then dispensed as needed, not spilled out on the ground and set fire to with the match that is the angry man's downfall under focused threat.
Anger and Me: Interlude
Why am I so weird in regard to expressing anger?
Expression of anger is a weakness, so when I feel it, I hide it bro.
As a boy I was constantly angry and sad and fearful in alternative states as I was beaten and tormented by older boys, women, youth and men. Then I discovered boxing and found, while being punched in the face, that the only way to overcome strength and skill was through banking my anger and calmly engaging the opponent. The thing, in my estimation, that has most retarded the modern man's ability to fight coolly and effectively, is that almost no one boxes as a boy or youth, and therefore harbor unfounded fantasies about the romantic effectiveness and power of anger.
Boxing enabled me to calmly take a couple beatings without being finished in street and work situations, but more importantly, by learning how to stay cool under fistic fire, I learned how to stay cool under verbal fire, which is what I ran into in Baltimore as bantu warriors, bigger, older and many times more numerous, accosted me on the streets of that city by day and night with the war cries of "White boy," 'Whatchyou got!" "come 'ere, boy!" and other low IQ calls to battle. I soon found that these undisciplined angry toddlers in giant adult bodies feared me for my silence, as it was the trait of their most deadly men, the guy who came to collect debts and settle scores. Therefore, I survived when I might have been easily rubbed out hundreds of times simply because I did not display, the signal, abject weakness of visible anger, a weapon that only works well as a surprise or shock gambit and fizzles out quickly.
Furthermore, as I was threatened and harassed by cops 28 times, cops that had beaten to death one paleface man I knew and three who I knew their relatives, and had killed and beaten and arrested many ebon warriors incapable of not showing anger, I found that by just being quiet and respectful and not showing anger or agitation like I had in the boxing gym and ring and later in stick-fighting training and competition, that I survived when the crazed palefaces of anger and the ebon man children of hate, most of whom were physically superior to me, were crippled, killed and incarcerated.
Then, when I became a store manger and consultant, tasked with training scores of people and even hiring, supervising and firing, I found that the main tactic of problem employees, most of whom were criminals, was to try and elicit anger from me. As they succeeded in making my assistants, employers and comanagers angry and failed to anger me, they began to treat me like some diabolic deity, always seeking my favor by hook or crook—usually crook. After I was hit by one and showed no anger—indeed felt none—my myth expanded and they began seeking me out as a daddy figure and I was able to manipulate their primitive minds with ease.
Then, in I think my 48th year, I began serious deductive research of contradictory and ideological source material for my writing projects and discovered, that me, with no education, unable to read until age 9 and still incapable of basic math, never sure what is in my wallet and unable to remember any phone number other than the one belonging to the babe that has been blowing me for the past 27-years, was able to make groundbreaking deductions of complex historic processes and pierce the veil of lies surrounding our lives, which superior intellects and every academic teacher of American history over the past 100 years, were fully incapable of, simply because I possessed no ideological anger. I predicted the signal 2017 disaster that much bigger brains walked right into.
So, yes, physical anger is something that I have so long-suppressed that it is usually alien to me, causing me to laugh when others cry, igniting my curiosity when others close their minds in pain, mobilizing my rudimentary analytic ability where genius level academics go into intellectual shock and fall back on the doctrine of the Lie. Here, 43 years after I laced on the gloves for the first time, I stand with more proven capacity for understanding the human condition than our greatest intellectuals, simply because I have spent decades under stone age levels of behavioral stress as a failed economic being, erasing each foothold anger and hate once held in my heart, so that I would not be drawn into battle with 200,000 ebon warriors or their 2,000 police allies, a fight I never had a chance of winning or even surviving.
Simply applying the boxing discipline of not getting angry at my coach for pushing me, not getting angry at my sparring partner opponent for punching me, has permitted me to evolve my psychology to the point where I can count how many times I experience anger annually on one hand and the duration of those episodes in seconds on both. This alone has permitted me to excel in areas where I have below average potential and for this reason I would never want to be young and angry again, because anger is the heartbeat of the fool and I so hated how I felt when I was the raging fool brooding over the sunken horizon of my stillborn hope.
Anger in the End Time: Ideologically
There is a reason why our Priesthood, those placed over us by our Crypto-Elite and charged with our indoctrination and behavioral management, usually called "the media" traffic in one thing far above all the other ideas they traffic in: anger, and it's mutant bastard hate.
The anger of thwarted ideals, of perceived injustices, notions of collective guilt, historical blame and what "should" be, brings the man into the unsettling, emotionally engaged and undisciplined realm of the modern media drone, a meat-puppet lurching upon strings of anger, skittering across the lie-waxed stage of hate operated by unseen puppeteers, usually to their own detriment.
Consider the angriest folk among us, African Americans, people so filled with rage over perceived—and often false—historical injustices, that they constantly get themselves shot over parking tickets due to uncontrollable anger. They even consent to being the entertainers and pets to the crypto-elite who wield them like blabbering mind-slaves as a throw-away weapon against the remaining shreds of decency in modern civilization. When European Americans organized and funded BLM, all it did for African Americans was burn down the grocery stores, department stores and liquor stores they depend on. Furthermore, constant unresolved anger among these people has lead them to kill one another at rates exceeding those at which Africans or Europeans or other Americans kill one another.
Above is one example of anger and hate cultivated through lies.
There is also the anger and hate cultivated through truth, through the revelations of such lies to the beleaguered paleface races, who a few generations ago were hailed as world-shapers and space-farers and are now reviled as a cancer upon the earth and a bane to all other humanity. Such truth-based anger has encouraged decent young men to follow federal agents and informants, political charlatans, media shills and even passionate philosophers in search of "the good" to march like clowns in so-called protests, which are nothing but State round-ups of dissident thinkers and a few even to acts of violence which have all had explicitly bad effects for the people they claim to be acting on behalf of and empowering effects for the types of folks they targeted.
Anger is such a toxin to the masculine mind that he who remains angry remains a child of his passions, a slave to his master's will, a dupe to his enemy's ploys and essentially bereft of sustainable agency.
Anger is very near the definition of lack of self control.
If you are not in control of yourself, someone else is.
Living in an evil world, that means that while angry you are likely to be under the partial or complete control of evil people.
So, how does a member of a people slated for duplicitously gradual extermination deal with the anger—the control button—that Sissy Snivilization has installed?
Permit me an example from my personal life before recalling the collective wisdom of legions of fighting men.
My mother asked me a question about a Plantation America graveyard I visited. When I told her that thousands of unmarked graves of Irish slaves were buried beneath the six headstones of free African Americans and that since then the entire cemetery was declared a site of African American slave burials, she cried the tears of the lifelong betrayed and I cackled the laugh of irony, sneering at the idea that any race which claims to be supreme would permit itself to be defined by its severest enemies and have it's history usurped by its most pathetic civic rivals.
Humor is the answer, already in use by many dissident speakers and writers, humor, the age old companion of the brutalized soldier, the beaten prize-fighter and the cynical lawman, who all face what might shatter the soul of dear old mom in her kitchen, or that posing porch-monkey on her front stoop.
SHOULD is the friend of evil, the Devil's fork with which he prods us along on our March of Folly.
LAUGHTER is the friend of he who must face evil.
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HankSeptember 1, 2019 2:56 AM UTC

Everyone always said I had a weird sense of humour. Maybe I'm on the right track after all. Thanks for this piece, it's another one I'll have to read over in the future when necessary.
responds:September 1, 2019 2:41 PM UTC

Humor is, I think, an excellent antidote to anger.
Jack DonovanAugust 31, 2019 7:38 PM UTC

“SHOULD is the friend of evil, the Devil's fork with which he prods us along on our March of Folly.

LAUGHTER is the friend of he who must face evil.”

Absolutely agreed.
responds:August 31, 2019 8:51 PM UTC

Thanks, Jack.
SueAugust 30, 2019 3:11 PM UTC

Thank you for this extremely enlightening and super well written piece. I've been reading some of your writing and listening to the Crackpot podcast with my husband for a few months. The way you are bringing real history into the present day situation is great. True heroes seem to be men of action.

We are planning to buy some of your books and look forward to your writing and podcasts. I also like that you are funny. We like your podcasts with Lynn and Mr. Grey. My husband, who is a native Berber, really likes your understanding of traditional warrior societies. Me, I'm one of those German/Irish you mentioned in one of your podcasts.
responds:August 30, 2019 11:27 PM UTC

Sue, the support of your husband and you is cheering.

I know of three other couples who listen together.

The podcasts are a strange outgrowth of writing that has quite surprised me.

I wish I was a good speaker and am honored to have so many intelligent readers and so lucky to have been rescued from myself by a distant lady named Lynn.