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'A New Brand'
Serial Killers and the American Tradition (Myth20c - Ep110)
For anyone who would like to understand the current school shooting craze, the latest American death cult, that stands over us like an Aztec god thirsting for our blood, Serial Killers and the American Tradition is a must listen. As gangsters gave way to serial killers, and they gave way to Islamic terrorism, and that gave way to domestic terrorism, it is obvious to almost no one that the Feral Bar of Implication and the Caught Industry Apparatus and possibly other federal organizations, have been orchestrating, misrepresenting and mythologizing murders and mass murders in order to manufacture our consent for an oppressive, and above all, intrusive police state.
Nick gets it and draws connections to organized crime and the biggest gang of all, as Adam, Hank and Hans delve with honest awkwardness into this ever-expanding discussion of our ever more inauthentic popular mythology. The War on Terror makes more sense as a state-sponsored conduit between the improbably successful lone wolf serial killer with a typical 20-year run, to the blitz shooter of that magically appeared on the national scene wit the election of Donald Trump.
Good job guys.
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