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Laying Down the Only Law That Counts
What Your Home Town or Subdivision Will Be Like Fore Paleface Pedestrians Within the Next 30 Years—Gauranteed!
Below is a message on the Next Door community bulletin board app from the neighborhood where I coached for 9 years and where Big Ron and I meet at the local bar when I'm in town.
For the past two years, not a single ebon on ivory attack has been featured in the news. The only lives of value on current news casts have been those of the ebony elite and the ebon warrior and the occasional paleface queen. Over the last three years I have been attacked or verbally threatened by ebon warriors in that very neighborhood 12 times, if I recall correctly, one of these when I was just visiting.
Shelly [redacted], Ridgeleigh
My nephew was jumped last night on Loch Raven Boulevard coming into Ridgeleigh. It was 2 black males. He was taken to the hospital. He has a broken arm that will require surgery a black eye, knots on his head and multiple scraps and cuts. This shit is getting ridiculous. Time to start defending ourselves!
Crime & Safety · Aug 30 to 30 neighborhoods
This was a stomping, based on the injuries.
This call to defense should have been sounded three years ago when the first invaders began patrolling the neighborhood. Even so, defending one's self is effectively against the law in the People's Republic of Maryland. This episode happened 2 miles from the Baltimore City line, in a designated hoodrat overrun corridor mandated by federal law. The men doing this are rarely even bothering to rob the victims and they come from the adjacent city where they are being hunted relentlessly by superior members of their own tribe. Yet, the fiction is, that none of these attacks are racially motivated.
Wait, of the 30 Baltimoreans slain in August, only 3 are "black" all others being "race unknown!" This reflects BLM lobbying and pale guilt media spin, with most of the 227 homicides in Baltimore in 2019 apparently being of people with no discernible racial identity.
Rubbing Out Palefaces
Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback
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Bryce SharperSeptember 1, 2019 11:56 AM UTC

It's important to remember that Section 8 is a program for rich landlords, not for the poor. Like James has said, their plan is to ruin the suburbs and re-gentrify the inner cities. If we can't beat the rich, we must join them. Paleface victims of the rich need to figure out how to buy up most of their neighborhoods using government money and rent to only like-minded people.

Buy bullet-proof vests and question anyone prowling your neighborhood before the problem gets out-of-hand.
responds:September 1, 2019 2:38 PM UTC

You seem to have the healthiest grasp on the family versus the current capitalist realism that I have read.

MannyAugust 31, 2019 1:30 AM UTC

When will our “so called” leaders reign in these Amish raiders? Nice furniture but quite a nuisance otherwise
responds:August 31, 2019 8:50 PM UTC

This is why we are equipped with managerial stewards and not leaders.