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Escape from Madness
Crackpot Mailbox: Riley, Polymachus and James Muse Over the Autumn of Our Social Mind
We live an a world where most music, movies and other major traditions of the Word, something that was once sacred to our kind, are reworked to numb the masses even as the media tyranny twists and obscures the truth to fit the narrative of our servile obsolescence. This brings some to anger and wrath, some to dismay and reclusiveness, many to chemical dependence and an embrace of Morpheus, and most to their moral knees.
Perhaps we are better laughing and musing, as the great iniquity we were raised to worship dies, using our art and our humor to explore ideas below the political horizon—where monsters dwell in massive multitudes.
Below are some examples from friends of the Mind:
6:21 PM (2 hours ago)
...ain’t growing on trees these days. Encouraging though, to see Summer die and the witless cry.
Fuckin’ traffic.
Sent from Riley
- those darker parts of human nature we deny exist until they nearly consume us. Then we confront them, briefly, defeat them, bury them, seal them away, and forget they ever existed. This is the Balrog, the Dark One sealed in his prison at the beginning of time.
I would love to know your thoughts on the symbolism of monsters and how they relate to cycles of civilization. What have I missed?
Polymachus, this brings to mind ancient deities:
Apollo, plague-bringer and master of birds [avian flu?] who brings the fate of men to them on storied wings, was also the patron of the arts—is he the shade of a plague-felled civilization?
Lucifer, Lightbringer, turned devil, was he a rival god of a defeated pantheon turned devil or might he represent a former age of corrupting enlightenment?
Satan, the "Administrator" of an "Animal-Pen" according to one rogue scholar's translations, does he represent an age of immoral corruption cleansed by flood in the long ago?
Such questions and their pursuit, in literature, pastimes and conversation have meaning to the world gone and to come, while engagement in the petty squabbles of democratic manipulations of the slack-jawed human herds, is a true waste, even of our anger.
Something great and evil is dying.
Enjoy the tragedy and the comedy.
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