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Lloyd De Jongh
Crackpot Podcast 62
Today we have a special treat for podcast listeners. When we spoke with Lloyd De Jongh, I realized I was speaking with South Africa's Violence Guy. Lloyd and James have followed parallel paths to discover the truth of knife violence and the associated defense - not a flourish of the hand learned in a dojo, not the deployment of a firearm, but situational awareness and management of aggression. James LaFond has lived in our future in Baltimore and Lloyd has lived in James's future in South Africa.
Time stamps:
0:02:40 Panhandler aggression
0:07:35 Violence studies, martial arts and knife fighting
For a pic at 12 minutes, Jerome the crackhead's knife, okapi knife
0:14:30 Hardware mindset vs managing aggression
0:26:50 Lloyd, a mixed race South African man, tells us about African culture, while James and I listen attentively and do not speak, YouTube please don't ban us!
0:36:15 Zimbabwe and South Africa
0:42:15 Islam in Africa
0:55:50 Milkshake test
1:00:47 The Communist agenda on identity
1:06:04 Warfare is no longer kinetic, continue on Islam
1:16:45 Amnesia
1:19:23 Machete attacks in Baltimore, the Piper System
1:37:25 Slavery
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