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‘The Dark Side of Archeology’
New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed
“I don’t care what the evidence is.”
-Head of Geology at Texas A&M
In the above interview the man reviewing and certifying the work of a half-dozen eminent scientists involved in dating a prehistoric dig in Mexico declared his faith. He goes on to explain that no amount of evidence could convince him to question the sacred theory of the methodical emergence of Man from Oldevi Gorge in East Africa. This, despite the fact that the initial dating of the African site was done by the same scientists that dated the Mexican site under question within one year’s time in the 1960s and that all of the various dating methods used since have confirmed that advanced bifacial spear points assumed to have not been invented until 12,000 years ago were in fact imbedded in ancient animal bones hundreds of thousands of years earlier.
New Evidence of Early Man Suppressed takes a methodical and conservative look at the question of Man’s antiquity in the New World, which the liberal elite of American Academia are so rabidly keen to suppress, that one scientist lost his job, one lost his life, a handful were discredited and blackballed from publishing, and 60 Mexican dig workers were rounded up by armed goons on government orders to elicit confessions that they planted artifacts in sediment as hard as concrete.
The religion of science is on trial in this fine documentary with all of the so-called crackpots sounding very rational and all of the academic gatekeepers sounding like bought and paid characters from a mob movie.
This one two-hour documentary, considered on its own, is enough to indict the entire archeologic establishment, which has been revealed through resent DNA work, linguistic studies and heretical archeological digs to be the Seat of The Lie that is Modernity, the substance of which is that only modern, western, Christian humanity was ever capable of bridging the oceans and seas of the world and that until God was shackled to the pillars of lineal hubris by Columbus, Descartes, Newton, Hobbes, Locke and the army of brilliant fools who fancied themselves each the most recent Moses of the mind, that no tribe of barbarians could ever hope to bridge the natural obstacles to Man’s spread that only settled men coddled in civilized cradles could negotiate.
Think about that. The arrogance of civilized man is such that his soft, sedentary, coddled, cushioned and feted kind are regarded as being infinitely more capable of journeying across the trackless unknown on land and sea, than the primal folk whose ordinary day was a journey across unmarked wilderness in search of sustenance. According to the archeological logic of the spread of humanity, I sitting at my desk writing about exploring the unknown, would be better suited for the task of actual wilderness exploration than the man who I am living with, who has hunted into the unknown of a hundred mountains, meadows and canyons where he has killed wild game.
Such is the foundational principal of the putrid religious cult of archeology.
The substance of the entire scientific orthodoxy of archeology comes down to this: that there is no possibility that Odysseus and his crew, or Leif Ericson and his crew, or their distant and even more rugged and able ancestors could ever cross the naturally perilous face of the earth as easily as a modern, sissy, scientist in his stupendous machine. The orthodox argument essentially amounts to a declaration that Man can do nothing but build machines and only his machines can act and that all human action is lineal and we are not subject to cyclic effects, making us unique among all living things.
The best example is a table showing the progression of the ice ages, which shows ice age, then interglacial, then ice age and then interglacial, like a simple rhythmic drum beat, until it gets to the sacred temple of our self-worship, and declares the current interglacial to be “postglacial,” a statement of belief that can have no other meaning than the modern notion that WE collectively are the Evolved GOD at the End of Time and that our lying, scheming and utterly unimaginative scientific establishments are our shining nimbus.
Science is dead.
It has been replaced by an evolved faith conflating a fanatic belief in a holy scripture of guesses and lies and a strident desire to achieve transhumanism.
You read it here first.
Under the God of Things
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Bryce SharperSeptember 1, 2019 11:53 AM UTC

Scientists are hilarious. Polynesians sailed canoes thousands of miles across open ocean ultimately to Easter Island but Europeans, who made it to Iceland and Greenland, somehow couldn't find the East Greenland and Labrador currents and allow themselves to be carried to Vinland. They also could/did walk across Atlantic ice. There's a book about it.

Modern man is a wimp. Look at what Roman soldiers did every day: they struck camp, marched 20 miles, and built enormous earthworks and a fortress every night at the end of their long march. Trireme rowers of antiquity would CRUSH modern Olympic scullers and rowers. Comanche horseman had an assault range of 500-700 miles. We can't imagine any of this because we live in this overpopulated Babylon where trucks bring our food and drink.
responds:September 1, 2019 2:40 PM UTC

There is an extreme anti-European bias deeply embedded in current European Descendant scientific thought on ancient man.