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Crackpot Mailbox: Mister Bob Unearths Zombie Apocalypse Ground Zero as Ebony Vamp Feeds on Pale Antihero
living dead
Wed, Sep 4, 12:19 AM (1 day ago)
dear mr. lafond,
It's happening, just like you said!
So, on the big-brained nimbus front, you all thought I was joking about the Zombie Occupation Government!
On the knucklehead front:
You see this goober UBER trying to hold this feral bitch in a headlock?
Take note, that headlocks do not work on zombies and that zombies are always hungry and have nasty teeth. This bitch is injecting her biohazards into his ghostly ass.
Wait, wait, has anybody done a ghost versus zombie book?
On a more serious note, the headlock could be construed in the American Court environment, especially in Hotlanta, as a lethal choke and the zombie could be acquitted and the ghost charged with attempted murder.
There will be much more of this activity as ghost men get pushed down the economic food chain delivering pizzas and driving drunks around town. Ghost teachers across America, since my childhood, have taught students—and the media has repeated it—that every ebony person in this nation was once attacked on a daily basis by paleface racists. And they believe that shit. Now that legal privilege has been effectively handed off to African Americans, you palefaces can expect at least a hundred years of ebony privilege—you heard it here first, cracker jack!
Bob, thank you for the entertaining viewing.
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