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Doctor Dread
Crackpot Podcast 63 is Up

Just got this in my email box:

Here is your episode, David. I enjoyed speaking with you tremendously and I am kicking myself now for not asking you about the opioid crisis. I hope you will join us again!

Kind regards,


Doctor Dread is a man I wrote about in a couple articles about a doctor jacking up outlaw bikers, most of whom are big pussies. I finally get to listen to a podcast without having to here me say through my nose, "Y'know" and less articulate things like "um..."

Thanks Lynn for making this happen.

Time Stamps

0:02:15 How did Doctor Dread get started in martial arts?

0:05:22 Doc's favorite book, writing

0:08:00 How did Doc become a doc?

0:13:27 Fell's Point, 1968 riots

0:18:50 Two James LaFond fans gush

0:21:24 Do you have to pick a side?

0:25:32 Baltimore

0:29:15 Meeting Heart

0:41:04 The medical field

1:03:40 Pathetic, despicable, DISGUSTING

1:11:45 Global cluster fornication of crap

1:21:30 Globalization of medical professionals

1:26:45 Being at war with reality

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